If you’re in Christian circles you’ve probably heard about this before, maybe by way of a passing comment, or
maybe from a friend who attended a Shekinah service.  It may or may not have registered anything in your spirit.  
Had you been there, had you experienced even the slightest touch of the Holy Spirit’s presence, then I know you
have never forgotten it.  Shekinah what?  It was called Shekinah Fellowship and it represented a rare, but not
unique, move of God upon this earth.  Some of us remember it well and still long for that precious anointing which
we experienced.  There was an  unparalleled intimacy with Jesus.  We’re getting older now, and we’re spread out
around this continent and others, but our hearts still thump and our pulses quicken their paces when God reminds
us of what once was.  

You’ll find in the links’ section of this web site, the one true web site which will give you all the information.  It’s
simply labeled Shekinah Fellowship and it will take you days, maybe weeks, to peruse it’s accurate and interesting
information.  It is also chock full of wise and inspirational sermons.  

Brant Baker was a faith healer: “faith” in its purest sense.  He was totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit to move
through him, to anoint him, and to use him as a vessel for miraculous physical healings as well as spiritual ones.  
How do I know this?  He was a close friend, a one time house mate, and if there’s anyone still alive who knows the
difference between Brant in the flesh and Brant in the Spirit – guess who?

Briefly, as much as possible of Shekinah’s and Brant’s story has been deliberately erased from public records.  
Brant died of AIDS.  The right wing of Christendom simply can’t face the fact that God uses gay people in the
same way as anyone else.  They don’t want to.  Homophobia at its best.  But that’s not what I want to talk about.  
You either get it or you don’t.  You can refer to Matthew 19:12 where Jesus states that some people will never get
it.  “Deliberately” is implied.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people crammed into the Long Beach auditorium to attend services which began in
worshipful silence (sincere prayers of the saints), God-honored singing, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s presence –
all welcoming the presence of God and beckoning God’s merciful anointing.  Brant would preach, and there would
come a time when the presence and the power of God would come upon the whole body of people who were
present.  The preaching would stop and the miracle healings begin.  Sometimes the power of God was so strong
that Brant didn’t even get to preach.  Always, there were healings even before they were identified by Brant, or by
any of the scores of word-of-knowledge workers dispersed throughout the congregation.     

Now, how do I know that Brant was totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit?  Easy.  Brant was used of God in spite
of himself.  Socially he was inept.  Some people saw him as a braggart and completely out of touch with reality.  
His landlords thought him to be an oddball; even insulting.  He had an unquenchable desire to be “one of the
boys”, but never really fit in.  By himself, there was no way that he would be able to perform miracles.  He could
barely function in the world as it was.  Have you ever met someone who was extremely intelligent, but who couldn’t
fight their way out of a paper bag?  That was Brant.  Utterly helpless in every practical way.

But…..if anyone came to know that God could move through them in spite of themselves…..again, that was Brant.  
It has become common knowledge that he used to sit on the steps of the Shrine Auditorium for hours after one of
Kathryn Kuhlman’s miracle services.  He would cry unto the Lord to use him (in spite of himself).  I wasn’t around
him in those earlier days, but I can envision it.  When it came to God, Brant stopped the fooling around and was
dead serious.  Most Christians, sadly, would tell you that you’d be wasting your time looking for signs from above.  
Contrastingly, Brant spent his time pursuing them.
 Good move Brant.

I know that I have no natural abilities or talents which would qualify me to do anything whatsoever in the name of
God.  How much more Brant knew it for himself.  What I do these days is write narratives, and I intentionally write
them at the most elementary levels (obviously).  Brant had no natural talents either.  Trust me on that one.  He
and I had a lot in common.  You don’t become good friends from nothing.  He placed me on his
word-of-knowledge team so fast that my head was spinning.  Why?  Simple –
I was willing to humble myself before God too.     

In Brant we had a young man totally inept on many levels, yet willing and wanting to do what God would have him
do.  I had to learn to trust God to such a degree that I had to put my personality aside and let myself be used by
the Holy Spirit.  I had a lot of coaching from Brant.  
Thank you Brant.  Allowing God to work through you, learning
to be sensitive enough to know when Jesus walked into the auditorium, and knowing the exact moment when the
anointing came down upon Brant – and us – good stuff.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  

So, are you l
ooking for an anointing to come into your own life, or into your church?  For most of you, I already
know the answer.  It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?  When the presence of the Holy Spirit is in your midst there’s no
mistaking it.  If you’re not sure; then it's not happening.  A love so compelling and overwhelming completely
overtakes you, fills you, and enables you.  You suddenly know things of God that no book can teach you.  
Miracles come into being.  God uses you, teaches you, loves you, and drenches you in that love.  

God used Brant.  God used many of us.  But that’s past tense.  Lets call for the anointing again.

God, humble us that we might receive your anointing.



Rev Brant Baker