His Name Is As Ointment

Featured on the Internet a few years ago under The Church Of The Trinity in Sarasota, Florida,
this is a very slightly edited version of the narrative which began it all.

Song of Songs 1:3     "Thy name is as ointment poured forth"

With plenty of time to kill, I found myself sitting on the glossy marble wall outside of the hospital entrance
listening to the dual fountains splash water into the shallow pools below.  Occasionally the gentle breeze
would send a spray my way, lest I escape my selected sitting place in the same dry manner as I had arrived.  
The song was still echoing in my head, the one which was telling me that my journey would soon come full
circle.  Been there, been through it all, and now in my unprecedented act of self-exposure my whole story
was on the horizon of being put out there with no turning back.  I knew I was about to be sharing the story of
a life of walking with Jesus in a most unconventional and extraordinary way with people I had never met.  
If I dared put the second book out there, now almost completed after four years of writing, would it really help
anyone or just be another in the plethora of additions to the Library of Congress collecting dust for who
knows how long?  

It was the big name, Nancy Wilson, Moderator of UFMCC who encouraged me to go forward with this several
years ago.  Her advice was to keep writing and meanwhile be thinking about my second book.  Whoa, I
couldn't even see my way through the first one, much less the second.  But with nothing to lose I persevered,
and it got easier and easier as I found my rhythm and began discovering who I was as a writer.  Among other
things, I began to appreciate people like Chris Glaser who'd given so much of himself in hopes of
enlightening others and helping them move forward in their thinking through his written words.  Nancy had
sparked a flame in me which developed and evolved, and its warmth would not go away.  
I was hooked.

My partner Vince and I had once been involved in a faith healing ministry.  It was the real thing.  The ministry
was called Shekinah Fellowship.   There were probably close to 100 of us who traveled as lay ministers
throughout the Southwest and beyond, to wherever we were invited, holding huge miracle and healing
services.  It was intense and a real partnership with the Holy Spirit.  The faith healer himself was Brant Baker,
a personal friend of ours, and a man undeniably under the anointing of God.  The services were often
televised with no attempt to hide the signs and wonders which were being manifested continually.  We saw
incredible miracles of healing every week and the ministry got a real boost when Paul & Jan Crouch of TBN
began supporting it.  In its heyday there was nothing like it, and I've shared some of the things in my
forthcoming book showing how God used and blessed us; gay and straight together.  When it got to a place
where it no longer could be denied that Brant and many of us in the ministry were gay, the spotlight on us
was quickly turned off and we were dropped like a hot potato to a point where Brant's once household name
was never allowed to be mentioned over the TBN airwaves again.   

In time, due to a series of unfortunate events, the ministry dwindled to nothing.  Brant died of AIDS.  So did
his brother.  So did David, and Jerry, and so many others.  All of us knew in our hearts that this was a one
time shot for us, that we'd never walk in the anointed miracle power of the Holy Spirit in the same way again
in our lifetimes.  We'd go in our separate directions and some would find a degree of fulfillment in other
things, other ministries, but never again would we be so up close and personal with Jesus Himself.  2000
years ago when Jesus went forth to bring healing and salvation to multitudes of people, scores of disciples
and supporters went both with and ahead of Him, setting up the crusades and working in a body ministry just
like we did in Shekinah Fellowship so many centuries later.     

There's a reason why I'm sharing this with you.  Sometime during the years of our involvement in this
incredible miracle ministry, Vince took some time off and vacationed in Europe.  He attended a small church
in the south of Spain and recorded part of the service.  Fortunately it included a young woman with the most
beautiful voice, one of exceptional quality by any standards.  As she sang the church fell dead silent.  Her
melodic voice echoed throughout the church.  It was extraordinarily mesmerizing, spiritual, hallowed, and
even eerie.  The presence of the Holy Spirit hovered over the parishioners like a cloud.  

The experience translated right through the tape recording.  Only God can do that.  Neither of us could catch
the name of the song, thought to be of African origin, but the melody has haunted my head for almost 30
years now.  I took the tape to the office where I worked at the time and had my boss, a Christian, listen to it.  
The song bothered him too in the same spiritual way as it did us, but none of us were able to come up with its
title no matter how much research we did.    

Just recently a number of web sites have been put up on the Internet in honor of the Shekinah miracle
ministry of all those years ago.  You can find them.  People who were involved with Shekinah are still hurting
in their hearts because that intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and particular anointing of power has
been a once in a lifetime experience for most.  What I didn't know was that Brant used to sit on the steps of
the Shrine Auditorium after Kathryn Kuhlman's miracle and healing services for hours crying to the Lord to
allow him to be used like she was.  The part I knew so well was that God did do exactly that.  What I also
didn't know was that this very song which had dwelled in my head was instrumental in the formation of the
Shekinah Fellowship and that it was called His Name Is As Ointment.  

Why has it taken so long for me to connect with this one song which has unceasingly haunted me day after
day all these years?  Am I coming full circle?  I think so.  The Holy Spirit is reminding me what this is all
about.  It started with Jesus and it will most decidedly end with Jesus.  Alpha and Omega; the first and the
last.  Without Him my life would have been a waste.  If you're young you may not know it, but in retrospect I
can tell you that I regret not even one moment, the bad with the good, because I have walked with Jesus.  I
have known Him intimately, and yes, Jesus' name is like an ointment poured upon me.  And on you.  An
ointment of comfort, protection, and all encompassing love beyond description.  His name is unspeakably
Holy.  It's the warm liquid whisper of love infiltrating deep within your soul.  It's the ointment.  
Let Him pour Himself on you, through you.    

Thanks to the 'heads up' from many of today's scholars, I've found that in most cases by substituting the
ancient word "eunuch" with today's word "gay", it all begins to make sense.  Jesus did in fact address the
issue head on in Matthew 19:12 by stating that  "There are some eunuchs who are born that way from their
mothers' wombs".  What a life-altering revelation that is.  He wasn't silent after all.  Some of us always knew
within the Shekinah circles that not only was God's hand upon the gays as equally as anyone else, but that
there was often a special anointing and power given to gay people unlike any other.  Brant, like the Old
testament's Enoch and the New Testament's Stephen, was one of God's favored servants. It's time the world
took note of the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit who covers the committed saints like an umbrella.  God
will see to it that the ointment of comfort, protection, and love - Jesus Himself - is manifest though these,
God's special servants.      

It's no stretch for me to see how blessed I have been, that God has chosen to protect me for over 60 years.  
My life has been spared over and over from close brushes with death - car accidents, near drowning,
concussion.  Not to mention escaping AIDS which stole the life from well over 100 friends throughout the
years; many of them spirit-filled Christians.  I don't have answers, but I can speak to the mercy of God.  
When nothing else is left, God's mercy faithfully endureth.

His name is as ointment poured forth
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
His name is as ointment poured forth
His name is as ointment poured forth