photo by Susie Dixon from original Shekinah ministry team

Rarely does a person from planet earth leave a legacy of any consequence no matter how long they live.  
Moreover there is almost no opportunity available for someone who has an untimely death.  Time constraints
are limiting; the Joans of Arc scarce.  The obvious and borderline unique legacy for Brant Baker is that he
was one of the few who became a time honored faith healer despite his brief time among us.  There has
been a development of a divinely appointed sequence for faith healers, each one appearing on the heals of
another, yet God prevents His new servant from emerging in a significant way until the former’s ministry is
over.  The line-up: Amy Semple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, Brant Baker, Benny Hinn.  There are always
others, big and small, like Oral Roberts, Vicki Jamison (orig name), and Paula White who stem from a
separate and random genealogy chart.  In the Old Testament, prophets and faith healers, probably known
then as miracle workers, didn’t exactly line up the same way.  Sometimes two ministered simultaneously,
something like a parallel universe from a Star Trek episode.   

What I’m seeing developing from David Sloane’s ongoing blog site is not just the expected legacy of a
youthful faith healer, but the beginning of a mind set from those who were within the expansive ministry –
the people who were up close and personal.  The Holy Spirit is still doing a miracle work within the hearts
and minds of the faithful.  It's thrilling to see it develop.  Some of the others, well, they're not there yet and
are living in a different space for now, maybe not yet realizing that God's calling upon them is far from over.  

“Brant my precious friend, your legacy is developing as we speak.  There are those beginning
to get it because they are open to the Lord as you were.  What a rare thing within the once
traditional Christian right, and it’s because of your commitment to our living Lord,
and subsequently theirs, that this is developing all these years later.
Perhaps this applies to only the few, but whispers can now be heard within the quiet.”

God has shown me too much for me to just walk away.  I’ve experienced God’s power and precious
anointing.  Brant and I spent quality hours together for reasons I’m still only beginning to understand.  In
continuing Brant’s line of questioning…..why don’t more people hear Jesus or know what He is doing among
us?  Answer: many of them can’t because they’re not receptive His voice, and that is sometimes because of
their deliberate bigotry.  Jesus has been silenced by the “Christian right”.  He speaks no more to defiantly
deaf ears.  We have a new generation of Pharisees now.

I see more than a glimmer of light From David Sloane’s web site -
spiritual insight as a result of deliberate and sincere sensitivity to the Holy Spirit:

Brigid de Jong………. “I think there will be a lot of people off the streets, from the highways and byways, who
will be ushered into the wedding supper while the fat cat "Christians" are busy condemning everyone else
and passing around petitions”.

David Sloane………. “I know of a certainty that you love Jesus Christ with all of your heart.  I know He wraps
you in His love of acceptance as one who He has shed His blood for, fully knowing you”.

These wonderful Christians are sharing from their hearts.  They are examples of what godly people should
be, and this because they have ears sensitive to Jesus.