How vividly I recall the discussions I had with my friend Brant Baker.  Sometimes we'd be hours on end in
conversation.  Brant was a faith healer.  God had blessed him with a gift that few will ever have.  He would
pray with people and they would be "slain in the Spirit" (as we often call it).  Miracle healings ensued.  The
Apostle Peter had this special gift too.  In any given century, there are usually a few people on the earth who
have this special gift in a mighty way, accompanied by exceptional power of the Holy Spirit.

Reflecting on my friendships of a spiritual nature throughout my journey, there are four people who, in my
mind, have been true disciples, diligently serving Jesus as their number one priority.  Three are still alive.  
That said, Brant would not be among them.  Without question he had the anointing of God, but I think he was
careless with it.  Borrowing imagery from an unknown source, I would say that his ministry was likened to a
shooting star.  So brilliant, yet so brief.  God took him home at a young age.

Brant and I used to talk about the presence of Jesus.  He advised me that he was able to tell when Jesus
would withdraw His presence.  This always fascinated me, and believe me, we spent many hours on that
one.  The only instance when I was acutely aware of this, was during a time when I was attending a former
church.  They were in a fund raising campaign, hoping to build a new facility.  At the morning service when
annual pledges were collected, there was something hanging on the alter which could be compared, I
believe, to baal worship.  Little samples of the same thing were handed out to those pledging.  Suddenly I
literally felt Jesus walk out of the sanctuary, and simultaneously felt God's hand lifted off of the church
finances.  To date, years later, no progress has been made in meeting the church's financial goals.  Let's
face it, God will have no other worship than that of God's only begotten son.  That congregation has not
flourished, neither are they realizing the miracles that churches all around them are experiencing.

So, after 65 years, I have learned two things.  Having a special anointing from God does not mean that
you've "gotten it all together" in your personal life.  And, secondly, Brant was right.  Jesus certainly does
withdraw His presence when He is not honored.

The Bible more than hints that God longs to be in an intimate relationship with us.  This happens through
Jesus.  To continually turn away from what we know is the right thing to do, and that, by the still small voice of
the Holy Spirit, will at some point cause Jesus to walk away from anyone.  Yes, Jesus is the servant of all, but
to treat Him as a house servant at our beck and call when we find ourselves in need of some assistance –
we've missed the point.  He's long left the building.

Once again, we've got to want Him.  We have to come to the place where what we want most is Jesus being
an intimate part of out lives, literally walking and talking with Him.  Sincerely seeking Him will draw Him to us.  
He wants to be wanted.  If what we do in our private time, if we invite Him to be with us, and mean it,
Jesus will draw near.  

"You will find Me when you seek Me with all you've got"
Jeremiah 29:14