“I will show you kindness for the sake of your father Jonathan.....
and Mephibosheth always ate at the king’s table”
(II Samuel 9:7 & 13)

In most cases Mephibosheth would have been considered an embarrassment.  He was clubfooted, having
been dropped by his nurse when he was an infant.  It was rumored that she was running to escape from their
enemies, the Philistines.  Handicapped, his life had no purpose.  He had all he could do to maintain himself
just to get through life.  

He was the son of Jonathan, the man who King David loved “more than the love of a woman.”  But Jonathan
was dead, and because Mephibosheth had so many of Jonathan’s features, David wanted him near him.  
From across the table he would look into Mephibosheth’s face and see his beloved Jonathan.  In one sense it
must have hurt him because their love had been so passionate, and of course he missed their intimate
relationship, but nonetheless he never wanted to forget the
love of his life.      

We, too, are disadvantaged.  Whether it be physical, intellectual, or other, being born into sin is an
immediate separation from the Holy God Who created us.  God cannot look into the face of sin.  No way
would be considered worthy to dine with the King.  Nothing we did or could do would make a dent.  So why
does He want us around?  Same thing.  Through the redemptive power of God’s Son Jesus, we are
considered worthy to dine at the table of the King of Kings.  We now have faces that a Holy God would want
to look at, made pure, restored.  

Like His servant David, God wants to look into the faces of us who have been redeemed, the ones who He
loves above all else.  The handicapped are as welcome as the athlete.  Why?  Because in God’s eyes there’
s no difference.  The more we understand and absorb the grace of God, the more we realize how completely
inadequate we are to do anything outside of His mercy, much less dine at His table.  The angels in Heaven
fold their arms in puzzlement and wonder at the wondrous salvation to which we have been made heirs to the
kingdom through the blood of Jesus.  Humans created from the dust of the ground will ultimately reign with
the King of Kings.

To see the world through God’s eyes would be both wondrous and terrifying.  We would do everything in our
power to never sin again instead of shrugging it off as a part of life.  But even with that we would never be
able on our own to reach the mark outside of the blood of Jesus which was shed on our behalf.  Jesus was
God, is God, will always be God.  And God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  If you are trusting
Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you will be dining at the king’s table.