"Every person has sinned, and therefore cannot measure up to God's standard"
Romans 3:23

The staggering truth of the verse above is what each one of us has had to deal with, and at the moment of
that realization we understood the absolute need to trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; the only One
capable and worthy to redeem us from our fallen condition.  It's a pretty simple concept,
for once you get it – you get it.  Now the question is this: do we live as though we've been set free?  
Can anyone else tell – anyone at all?  

The Bible presents some bloody accounts.  In its pages there are scores of grossly descriptive tales of
individual slayings as well as morbid battles with consequences which make us shudder at the thought.  
And it began from the git go.  

Adam and Eve succumbed to a simple pleasure of eating an apple and were suddenly susceptible to death,
a previous unknown conclusion.  Their sin was one of

Noah's generation got wiped off the face of the earth because the people became
oblivious to their
; thus wicked.  Death by drowning – another previous unknown.  

The flourishing cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because God couldn't find but a handful of
righteous people within their walls.  They were so self-absorbed that they were
inhospitable to God's
(it was not a mandate against homosexual people by the way).  That resulted in an earthquake of
such magnitude that it was well off the Richter Scale.

So, was God laughing all the time?  No, quite the opposite.  This new thing – death – was the result of our
corporate sin.  We all, by osmosis, share the responsibility.  Death was not necessarily God's original intent.  
Not that God didn't know it was coming.  Of course God knew.  God knows everything that was and
everything that will be.  

It comes full circle to God's only begotten Son Jesus.  He is the one who redeems us from ultimate death.  
If any one of us were in God's place…..not a reasonable scenario I know, but just pretend…..would we have
given up our only child to die a gruesome death for a bunch of disobedient people?  
I doubt it.