In the late 60’s, students who arrived a few weeks early for the Fall session at MBI were temporarily housed
in whatever dorms were ready for the new arrivals.  Roomates were also temporary and my newest one
Steve became an instant friend.  He had completed his sophomore year.  I was about to begin mine, and he
had some candid upperclassman advice for me.  He was blond and handsome and had a great natural build,
so there was no surprise when he casually recalled for me his many athletic achievements over the previous
few years.  As roommates we got along well, maybe because we didn't see much of each other.  He worked
the night shift at a suburban factory, and out of consideration for me he would gingerly tiptoe into our dorm
room sometime before dawn.  On one particular night he had quietly come in without waking me and he was
soon fast asleep.  It wasn’t long however when he rolled over, blurting out "praise God", and thus awaking me
the light sleeper.  He was still out like a light, but his unconscious words spoke volumes, impressing me for
the rest of my life.  

Immersed in the “praise God” environment of arguably the finest Bible institute the world has ever known, it
was easy then to think that I knew God’s will for my life, or at least to believe the revelation of such would be
just around the bend.  Life however keeps throwing curve balls at us, and our perception of God’s will is
altered time and again.  The time, place, and circumstances in which you and I find ourselves right at this
moment are likely to be exactly the place we’re supposed to be, right in the center of God’s will even it doesn’
t appear to be so.  If we will but pause to reflect, we might be able to connect the dots.  We cannot allow our
current situations, however horrible or fabulous, to dictate our actions.  Plain and simple - we have invested
in serving God, and circumstances, although relevant from a worldly perspective, often have nothing to do
with God’s will for us, nor our personal relationship with the One Who truly cares about our well being.

Fourty years have passed, and not only can I still hear Steve’s words in my head, but I find that
they’re my words too.  Sometimes I even surprise myself when I blurt out “praise God” or “thank you Jesus” at
seemingly the strangest moments.  The words are part of me, they’re what’s in me, even if a bit subconscious
as Steve’s were.  I’m certain that I will never see this guy again in this life,
but most assuredly will in the next.  Thanks Steve.       

“Awake my soul…..I will praise You…..
be exalted above the heavens, let Your glory be over all the earth”
Psalm 57:8, 11