Matthew 8:10
(Jesus said) “I’m telling you that I have not found anyone in all of Israel
with such great faith as this man.”

One very significant truth that has come to light in recent decades is that the “slave” in the Roman
Centurion’s life was in reality his “significant other”; the man whom he intimately loved and lived with as his
life partner.  And this Centurion was the man who Jesus praised as having far more faith than anyone
He’d ever come across.

When someone gives their heart to Christ and testifies that he or she is born-again and Spirit-filled, that
person is speaking from a heart committed and life changing experience.  If you have taken the same step of
faith yourself, you should be discerning enough to know that you have just been confronted with God’s truth
and are looking at a miracle of rebirth in the person standing before you.  Therefore it obviously follows that
if that same person happens to be gay, that he or she needs no re-orientation.  To stubbornly hold to that
position would be calling God a fool for creating in error, and it will bring judgement upon anyone who
continues to disobey God’s law of love.  Every Christian is overdue to become righteously indignant against
the bigotry flowing like lava of poison from narrow-minded pulpits.  

How long can we expect God to tolerate this continued injustice against His people?  A fruit of the Spirit does
not include any word or thought no matter how slight which would harm our brothers and sisters.  We all
belong to the same Jesus and are washed and cleansed in His same blood.  And we came just as we were,
for He told us to do so.

Abel was hated by his own brother Cain without cause, yet Abel was a faithful shepherd and a high priest
unto God.  There are tens of thousands of gay and lesbian Abels among us.  Will they continue to be
persecuted without God’s permission or blessing?  The prejudice and hatred of the religious right had much
to do with the killing of Jesus, and it is apparent that nothing has changed.  

Like the Roman centurion, we need to move forward in his kind of faith.  Take a stand for God’s justice.