“Many in that day will cry Lord, Lord.  Did we not do many things in your name?
…..then Jesus will plainly tell them ‘depart from Me, I never knew you!’”
(liberally translated from Matthew 7:21-23)

If I was a betting person, I would wager that almost all Christians would say that this verse has nothing to
do with them.  And yet, Jesus is clearly talking about people who have prophesied in Jesus’ name, and
people who have done many things, even great things like miracles, in his name.   But, the argument would
be…..”He knows me.”  That’s missing the point.  Jesus will be saying this in disgust – as in – I know you,
but I am disgusted with you and reject you as if I never knew you at all.  Why is he disgusted?  Because
many followers of Christ are claiming that their good works will get them into heaven.  

Nothing, absolutely nothing that we can do will satisfy our holy God.  People somehow get caught in a
narrow-minded view of their relationship with God and with the world in general.  Even Christians think
they’re something when they’re not.  God is a great and wonderful Being.  God is the epitome of love,
power, and glory.  God is light.  Everywhere God has been as he has passed through his journey through
eternity, darkness has been transformed to light, and life has been created.  And that, from nothing.

God’s glory is so magnificent that even in our glorified state in heaven we will not be able to approach the
presence of his glory.  Will we be able to see God?  Yes, from afar, but never up close.  Out of love he
created the world.  His right hand of power and authority stretched forth and he said “let it be.”  His left
hand of love stretched forth and blessed it.  I’m talking literally – not theoretically.  

We were created, beginning with Adam, to glorify Almighty God.  The God of wonder and light.  There’s
only one reason that we breathe, one reason the blood flows through our beings, one reason our hearts
beat, and one reason we have souls capable of obtaining eternal life with our Creator.  It is to worship
and serve Him.  Everything is for Him.  We were not made for each other.  We were made for God.

If for one minute we think that God needs us, or that we can accomplish something for God
because God depends on us, then that’s being caught up in self-centeredness, and can lead to eternal
destruction if we’re not careful.  If no one ever believed in God, or in his Son Jesus Christ, God would still be
the resplendent Being that He is.  God would still rule eternity.  God has always been,  is, and will be.  

Performing miracles in Jesus’ name, casting out evil spirits in His name, is a wonderful thing as long as
we sincerely give Jesus all the honor and glory.  We cannot glory in ourselves, for there’s nothing to glory in.  
The only virtue and merit we can claim is that of Jesus.  He’s our only ticket out of our mess.  
He’s not only all we need, He’s all we have.  We should want none other.