“God has planted eternity in the human heart”
(Ecclesiastes 3:11)

According to Scripture, King Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, not because of anything he aspired
to, but because God granted him wisdom.  Solomon was a step above the ordinary in the first place, because
when God told him he would be granted a wish, he asked for wisdom, which in itself was a wise request.  Most
of us would have dropped the ball then and there.  We might end up rather wealthy, but foolish and reckless,
not to mention retrospectively depressed at our stupid choice.

Scripture is abundantly clear that God knew us while we were still in the womb, and that the steps of our lives
would be directed by God Himself; that is, if we would let Him.  The quote is that the steps of a “righteous”
person are ordered by the Lord.  In other words, humility has a lot to do with it, and a willingness to allow the
Spirit of God to speak to us.  Our part is to obey that tender voice.

The verse above speaks to an important issue.  Wise Solomon got the picture.  What he meant was that
inherently we know within our hearts that our true home is our heavenly one, and that this journey here on
Earth is one which we tolerate and cope with in order to eventually reach our eternal home.  There’s a song
which says “this world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ thru.”  Precisely.  

Do you suppose the angels in Heaven are a betting bunch?  If that were true, they would place their wagers
according to our physical progression.  Our bodies take a beating in this life, and as we age we start carrying
around cancers and heart conditions, disappointments and failed accomplishments, and our bodies in
general start showing wear and tear.  They get bulkier and more inclined to be seduced by gravity, or
skinnier and bonier; much more wrinkled and blotchy.  I see deformity, crippling, and loss of energy.  I see
heartbreaks because of so many loved ones who have gone before, discouragements, and failed plans.  

But there’s a bright light coming upon us, so brilliant it’s difficult to look into.  It’s a host of angels illuminating
the heavens.  And I’ll bet the angels are all excited.  Oh my goodness, look at her!  She’s losing it.  She can’t
do what she used to.  In fact, she can’t even remember what that was.  
Goody goody, she’ll be coming home soon. There will joy in the morning.  We’ll throw her the party
of her life.  She’s going to love her new home.  Come on up Fay.

Oh, did I say Fay?  That would be much precious aunt.  She’s getting ready to go home.  She’s a flower
ready to bloom.  She’s a drop of water about to make Victoria Falls look pathetic.  Don’t you feel sorry for
her.  She’s looking up because she knows what’s ahead.  So do I.

Fay was taken home into the loving care of Jesus Nov 22, 2012