“By God all things were created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible”
Colossians 1:16

I have no doubt that I have been ministered to by an angel.  The Bible tells us they are ministering spirits to
the saints.  I have experienced the presence of an angel in human form who ministered to me, and when I
told him that I knew he was an angel, he smiled at me and quickly went away.  

If you ever want to know about these wonderful beings that constantly serve and protect us, just read the
Scriptures.  They are beautiful beings who administer God’s directives.  They are messengers, servants, and
adoring worshipers before the throne of God.  They are both naïve and wise.  They are considerably larger
than us and very much stronger.  They are generally invisible and resemble lightening.  They are so glorious
that they are blinding to our naked eyes.  They become visible when necessary and can appear to you in
time of need in the form of a human as well as their angelic persona.

Cherubim and Seraphim are exceptions.  They have wings – many wings, and are not angels in the same
sense.  Angels, however, do not have wings.  They can easily transport themselves through time and space,
from one dimension into another, without the assistance of wings.  Think about the two angelic beings at
either end of the sarcophagus in the tomb after Jesus had risen.  Large, brilliant, beautiful, absolutely
magnificent: no wings.  They were all created before the first human being, Adam, and although they are so
beautiful that it’s often difficult to determine their gender, they are all male.  Prior to Eve, there was no need
for a second gender, and that included the animals in the Garden of Eden as well.  All animals were without
helpmates before Eve, but that’s another conversation.

From what I can determine, angels do not eat food.  The trees in heaven will bear new fruit every month.  Any
single tree will bear fruit of many varieties, and if not eaten, will fall toward the ground.  The difference from
what we currently have here on earth will be that the fruit will never rot.  It will disintegrate before it hits the
ground, for there is no decay in heaven.  All fruit will be skinless and seedless.  We will be eating in the
hereafter, beginning with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and it is possible that sometime after, there will
be a point when the angels will be able to eat along with us.   On the subject of eating I’m speculating.

How many angels are there?  Billions upon billions.  Their number exceeds the combined total of all the
people who have lived on earth since the beginning of time, who are living now, and who are to come.   
There is a section of heaven specifically designated as a place where the angels sing in a massive chorus,
but there are way too many to count.

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