Now, to clarify a couple of things.  As far as what angels look like, there are two kinds of appearances.  The
angles that retain their angelic forms are brilliant beings which are translucent.  That means that they are
usually invisible, but can be partially seen when they are here on earth to carry out an errand or directive
from God.  On occasion they can be appear in bodily form like the two which appeared in Jesus’ tomb.  They
strictly do their duty and will not normally address you, but simply administer their task and disappear as
instantly as they arrived.  

What do they look like?  Many sightings have described them as “like unto lightening.”  They are very much
larger than us.  Scripture clearly points out that we were made a little lower than the angels, and that includes
size.  They are eight to twelve feet tall with strong builds.  Their faces are pure  (as in hairless and with
perfect skin) and, as mentioned above, they are all male.  All known angels, fallen or otherwise, are males –
Lucifer, Michael, & Gabriel.  They have no need for genitalia, and we know nothing about that detail,
nor do we need to know.  

They are always dressed in pure white robes which are often tied at the waist with a sash (sometimes gold),
and their hair is long and brilliant like fire.  The apostle Paul refers to tongues of angels, and those of you
who speak in tongues know something about heavenly languages: unrecognizable.  You will note that Paul’s
description of the tongues at pentecost includes one which he described as “unknown”.  That’s God’s own
personal language which we will  both speak and understand in heaven, but that’s another subject for
another time.  That said, it is rare that an angel in angelic form speaks, much less displays any personal
recognition.  In human form, of course he or she will speak.  I say “she” here, because when taking on human
form, an angel can come to you through any person, young or old, tall or short, male or female.  

The second kind of angelic appearance, then, which by chance percentage is just about 50/50, is in the form
of a human being.  An angel comes to us as human to deliver an elected saint from a difficult or dangerous
situation, or to deliver a prophetic message.  
Never is a new revelation of any kind introduced.  All
revelations of the angelic kind have been disclosed in the Bible – God has already revealed to us all things
which we are to know.   The angel (in human form) which I personally met was named Jacob.  I told him that
his was a Biblical name.  His response was that
all his brothers had Biblical names.  So, the introduction of
a new name such as the Mormon’s angel Moroni is a falsehood and not a messenger from God.  
A fallen angel perhaps, but not one of God’s.

Can you ask God if you can see an angel and expect to see one?  Absolutely not.  God is very protective of
God’s most beautiful and magnificent of all creations.  Very few people have ever been able to ask this of
God and had their request answered.  These rare individuals have humbled themselves, prostrated
themselves, moaned and pleaded in tongues of angels for days and weeks and months until there was little
breath left within them.  Then God responded.  The average Christian, sadly, hasn’t even reached first base
in this area.  Some things you have to work for,
and rightly so.

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