One angel was set above all the rest in the beginning of time when God created these heavenly beings.  
This angel’s name was Lucifer.  He was in charge of all things as God’s #1 commander.  He led God’s
uncountable multitudes of angels and was the most beautiful of all.  He wasn’t called “
the star of the morning
for nothing.  He is described as being clothed in every precious stone; in fact these gems were part of his
being.  Pipes were also part of him, which means he was musical in nature, perhaps like a church organ with
its melodic sounds.  To him was ascribed shining splendor.  There are chains of command in the angelic
realm, and Lucifer held the highest rank of archangel.  

On the Shekinah Fellowship web site, if it's still active, (look under “links” in my site directory) David Sloane
suggests the possibility that there was an Eden which existed before the Eden of which Adam & Eve were
associated, where Lucifer was clothed in mineral radiance.  Maybe.  At any rate, his pride took over and he
was expelled from God’s presence.  One third of the angelic hosts defected with him.  The angel Michael
assumed Lucifer’s place.  Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan some time later.   

Several books in the Bible describe a future time when the rebellious Satan will get his just reward.  One
book with much information is the book of Revelation.  Read it carefully and you will understand more than
you thought you would.  

Let’s jump to the here and now.  Satan and the fallen angels, known as demons, prowl the earth day and
night.  Their only target is you and me.  When the Bible tells us that we are encompassed about by
principalities and powers – it isn’t kidding.  The angles of heaven are in continuous battle with the angels of
darkness.  Although we aren’t able to see them, both are all around us 24/7.

The dark angels are always fighting against God’s purposes, and you and I are the rag dolls being shred
apart in the process.  The Bible, God’s word, is challenged and discredited at every turn through the ways of
the world – through lies, false pride and power, lusts of the flesh, selfishness, and turning away from anything
which God has decreed.  Even the heartaches you have endured though those you’ve loved, whether friends
or lovers, is the work of twisted demons.  Depression and discouragement are their specialties.  
Big stuff like earthquakes, tornados, famine, war, oil spills – that’s all the work of Satan and his bunch.  
Be assured that they don’t know our thoughts, but they will continually try to influence them.

Do we have guardian angels?  Of course.  Every Christian has been assigned a guardian angel at birth.  Did
God know in advance who would be born again and who wouldn’t?  Sure.  Your guardian angel stays with
you until the day you die, and then he accompanies your soul to heaven.  Angels are ministering spirits which
enable us to be complete conquerors against the evil demons.  No powers of the underworld can withstand a
Christian grounded in his or her faith.

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