Angels at our Gates

Jesus said to His disciples,
“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?”
(Mark 8:17)

Has God’s approach to humankind evolved and changed drastically since ancient days, or are we simply
unaware of the presence of angels because we’re not expecting them?  Old Testament encounters with
angels and other celestial beings such as the Cherubim have been frequently recorded in the sacred texts.  
And this awareness carried over to New Testament days.  Angels physically appeared at the birth and
ascension of Jesus and continued their encounters with Peter, Phillip, Cornelius, and many times with Paul
and beyond.  Yet today beings from on high are rarely mentioned throughout Christendom; unanticipated
and unknown.  Instead of our connection with the Heavenly world to come, for most Christians angels are
alien beings seldom thought of and rarely utilized.  

How favored the saints must have felt when they visibly encountered angels.  How blessed, how connected.  
Jesus warned His disciples about their own blindness to their celestial partners and yet some of them were
still able to make the connection.  So what has happened?  Did God change the agenda?  According to
James 1:17 “God never changes,” so I would resoundingly say no.  The problem is with us.  Our celestial
partners long to descend and ascend between Heaven and Earth visiting the heirs of salvation.  That would
be us.  For they haven’t experienced the miraculous experience of salvation that we have.  As blissful as their
existence in realm of God’s glory is, they know not the joy of redemption.

All the while the Cherubim and Seraphim fly back and forth from the very throne of the Holy One, often with
coals of fire from the alter to anoint the tongues of servants here below who speak forth the Word of God.  
Jesus has exhorted us to open our eyes and ears that we might not only be aware of our Heavenly partners,
but to live with the immediate expectancy of connecting with our “ministering servants” who anxiously await
our summons.  If we could only see the great cloud of witnesses which surrounds us, the chariots of fire and
the horses of Heaven, and the myriad of angels assigned to protect and watch over us, then we would walk
taller and stand firmer in our faith than ever before.        

Soon the angelic beings will all appear with Jesus when He triumphantly descends from the ethereal clouds
above.  Wrapped in splendiferous glory to take His children home, Matthew 25:31 puts it like this: “When
Jesus comes in His glory with all His holy angels, He will then return to sit on the Heavenly throne above.”  
There are angels at our gates longing for us to let them in.        

Alameda Pearce wrote one of the most compelling hymns of all time titled When He Shall Come

When He shall come resplendent in His Glory,
To take His own from out this vale of night,
O may I know the joy at His appearing,
Only at morn to walk with Him in white.

When He shall call from earth's remotest corners
All who have stood triumphant in His might,
O to be worthy then to stand beside them
And in that morn to walk with Him in white.

When I shall stand within the court of Heaven
Where white robed pilgrims pass before my sight,
Earth's martyred saints and bloodwashed overcomers
These then are they who walk with Him in white.