Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”
Mark 15:34

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit knew, even before the first man (Adam)
was to be created in God’s very own likeness that humankind would fall.  Human beings would
not be able to keep up their end of the deal.

This would be the first time that any being was to be created in God’s likeness.  This first man would be
called hu-man.  Already in existence, already created, were beings which had been placed on other planets
which were scattered throughout the skies of eternity.  God had traveled through eternity and everywhere in
the path of God became light and life.  We are on the dark side, in darkness, because God hasn’t traveled
this way yet.  Earth is the only planet in this galaxy or this universe where life exists: so far.  

The perfect plan was that all other created life would self propagate; they would be male and fe-male.  
An arch angel was assigned as guardian over each planet where God created intelligent life.  Our archangel
for planet Earth is Michael.  But you knew that, right?  How can we know what the beings on other planets
look like?  The cherubim are the clue.  Does that mean that we will share Heaven with at least three other
species of non-human beings?  Maybe, maybe not.

At the cross at Calvary who was Jesus praying to?  Some tradition says that Jesus was praying to God
the Father.  But tradition often can be speculative and flawed.  What we do know is that the Holy Spirit would
have been responsible for completing the task that Jesus had taken upon himself.  The trinity godhead
formatted this plan long before the first human was created.  The Holy Spirit, both in fact and is his wisdom,
waited three days before raising Jesus from the grave.  On the cross Jesus may have been praying, not to
the Father, but to the third member of the godhead - the Holy Spirit.  In a sense the Holy Spirit had indeed
forsaken him.  He had to.  Jesus had to complete the sacrificial  part on his own.  That was his choice and the
Holy Spirit couldn’t let him back down.  Jesus had to suffer in the horrific manner in which he did in order for
redemption to be valid.  Otherwise there would be no redemption.  It was a Trinitarian cooperative effort.

Did Jesus die for people who he knew would not receive him as their Savior?  Absolutely not.  
If the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost knew that mankind would not be able to live up to their standard
of holiness, they surely also foreknew who would and who would not trust Christ for their salvation.  
That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care.  Being created in God’s very own image, we can be sure that God’
s not only shares the same emotions that we do, but that his emotions are 1000 times more intense.  God
literally sheds tears for those souls who will go to Hell.  It pains him so severely that he turns his back on Hell
for he cannot bear the fact that so many souls have rejected him, and he will not cast his eyes upon Hell.  
Those souls will be outcasts forever.

Just as the Holy Spirit came though at the precise and appointed time when he raised Jesus from the grave,
he will likewise redeem those souls who put their trust in Jesus for their eternal salvation.  People sometimes
say that Jesus is all they want, or that Jesus is all they need.  More so, Jesus is all we have.  There is no
other name by which we will be granted entrance into eternal peace with a most holy God.  Nothing matters
other than you’re trusting Christ as your savior.  Everything else will surely pass away.