“The time draws nigh when everyone in the graves will clearly hear His voice and will rise.
Those who did the right thing will be resurrected to an eternal existence with God,
but those who didn’t will go straight to hell.”
(John 5:28-29)

When a casual nod to theology pops up in conversation it’s usually way off base.  Sometimes it’s from
mouths which do not confess Christ, yet they seem to hold theological views anyway.  Equally missing the
mark, however, are the comments coming from the mouths of born-again Christians, indicating that they
either have no comprehension of what they read in Scripture or they really don’t read it much at all.  It’s
probably a combination of the two.  My other observation is that people seem to blindly accept whatever is
spewed from their favorite pulpits as indisputable truth.  Many of these preachers standing in the pulpits,
however, are doing the same thing, never questioning what was handed down to them either, whether it be
accurate or garbage.  No revelation, no anointing, no Holy Spirit.  This unfortunate scenario is usually the
norm, not the exception.

Old Testament prophets took their responsibilities very seriously.  If God had shown them something
ethereal, they were committed to proclaiming God’s message regardless of personal discomfort or loss,
including dying for the cause if it came to that.  Supposedly, a pastor or priest should be receiving similar
revelations today and be embracing the same level of commitment, but that’s not the reality.  Many preachers
tout traditional doctrines without questioning, even though their source may have its roots in misinterpreted
and even mistranslated Scripture passages.  

There may be light at the end of this tunnel.  When I was growing up it was generally considered near
blasphemy to even think of a mixed race couple dating within the “Christian” church, much less marrying.  
At Bob Jones University it was even frowned upon if a young couple dared to hold hands before becoming
engaged, and blacks mingling with whites was out of the question.  These days, the “followers of Paul” who
throw Romans chapter 8 around like it was a bean bag toss still don’t get that Jesus said “sure, some are
born that way.”  They’d prefer to think that gays and lesbians are perverted and living lives of debauchery
regardless of the people of that sexuality who are known to be upstanding citizens of exemplary morality.  
Moreover, it pains them to think that there are gays and lesbians whose loyalties are to the same Jesus as
theirs, opening up the possibility that Christ died for all.  Continuing propagation of erroneous conclusions
will do nothing other than bring the condemnation of Babylon upon them all over again while their
congregations continue drinking wine which will sooner or later turn to vinegar.  

Contrastingly, the most liberal institutions, the left of Christianity which are, arguably, institutions rather than
churches because they stand for nothing and everything, cannot bring themselves to get behind the reality
of hell.  They consider it either an alternate concept or just plain rubbish.  They are the same ones who,
to varying degrees, regard God’s Word as threatening and thus tout that it should never be taken literally.  
This opposes the pulpit bangers who seize opportunities to jump on every word, even if it means taking
words out of context.  As long they can frame it to incorporate their favorite bigotries, they’re good with it.  
And who said the Pharisees died off?

In one camp we have grace abounding way beyond where it is, taking “unlimited” to new heights.  
On the other hand we have grace handcuffed and shackled so that prejudice and bigotry can reign
supreme.  Perverted doctrines from both sides are presiding over us in today’s world like umbrellas.  
Many Christians can’t see the blue skies anymore and the condemnation of Babylon is again threatening.  
Although the contemporary movie
Noah employs its share of poetic license (movies are supposed to be
entertainment, not theological doctrines) it brings to light the seriousness of God’s wrath.  
Time will tell if it wakes anyone up.