“Give me wisdom and knowledge that I may lead these people”
II Chronicles 1:10

When God asked Solomon what he desired the most, he didn’t ask for riches, or fame, or the death of his
enemies.  He didn’t even ask for a long life.  He asked for wisdom.  This pleased God, and why wouldn’t it?  
What an unselfish thing to request.  And because Solomon humbly asked only for wisdom,
God rewarded him with all the other things too.  He was and will be the richest man to ever live:
then, now, and in all the ages to come.

During Solomon’s rule as a generous and wise king (we can’t forget the wise part); he wrote many pearls
of wisdom.  He said that although a wicked person might commit hundreds of crimes, it makes no difference
in one’s life span.  A bad person often lives as long as a good person.  But Solomon said that we may rest
assured that life will be far more rewarding and fulfilling for a God fearing person.  Death is not the end of the
road for anyone who reveres God.  It’s the beginning of eternal life.  In stark contrast in regard to the person
who does not accept Christ into their life, death is the end of the line.  Back to dust; no future.  
They are quickly forgotten with nothing remaining but a grave stone that very soon no one will any longer
visit or care about.  No legacy, no nothing.  There will be no mark left behind in the world,
as if the person never existed.

But for the believer, Solomon observed that he or she would have much joy in their lives, even through
difficulties and seemingly insurmountable challenges.  In fact, their joy and satisfaction will be all the more.  
The choice is ours.