“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer
for I have overcome the world.”
(John 16:33)

When torn between two opposing forces, the one whose appetite you feed the most is the one which wins
the battle.  The challenge for a Christian is to make sure he or she is grounded in
God’s Word, the Bible, to a degree that its moral influence offsets the quicksand of the world.  

If a man traversing a tight rope high in the air above a circus audience suddenly stood still and didn’t check
his balance he’d quickly find himself bouncing on the safety net below.  But there in most instances there isn’t
a safety net.  For example, a young child needs to learn to balance him or herself real fast or the scraped
knees and elbows from falling off the bicycle will add up surreptitiously.  As an adult the need to be in
balance increases.  Think of the balance required by a motorcyclist, a water skier, or a rock climber.  
Standing still will only last so long; sooner or later the result will go one way or the other.  
There’s no neutral ground.

In the spiritual sense there’s one sure way to balance ourselves from the onslaught of negative influences
and that’s by delving into the Bible and absorbing its moral guidance.  We need the balance, the compass.  
We need to feed our spiritual side more than our worldly (lustful, mean-spirited, insensitive) side so that our
lives will amount to something.  That’s just common sense and practical Christianity.