Years ago I had the privilege of being a word of knowledge worker in Shekinah Fellowship in Long Beach,
California.  It didn't take much to impress me about almost anything the Lord was doing in our midst.  It still
doesn't.  There was a song which was called the Shekinah Song.  Lilly Green sang it.  She was not only a
talented vocalist, but her sincerity shone through, and the words have left a life long impression on me.  I had
to e-mail my Shekinah friend Suzie Dixon to be sure I remembered the words correctly.

Music 4 Us

"Before you ask me, I will answer.....Before you listen, I will call"

Maybe our lives would be a lot easier if we started listening, knowing that God could get through to us if we
could learn to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  Yes I know, some Christian denominations rarely even
mention the Holy Spirit, and when they do it's just a reference to that unfamiliar third person of the Trinity.  
Hopefully, if you're reading this you're well past that.  Living in communication and sensitivity with the Holy
Spirit is the
only way to live a powerful Christian life, much less the sensible game plan.

19th century's evangelist CH Spurgeon asked:  "Do we not too often run before His call and act
independently of His aid?"  Let me just answer for all of us – uh huh!

There's something indescribably comforting about knowing that God is right at your shoulder; the Holy Spirit
whispering softly in your ear.  Don't react in the flesh to what's coming at you - listen first to the whisper,
because the answer is already there, and too the provision to get you through any challenge put to you.  
Cherish the holiness, the sacredness, the consuming peace of having the Holy Spirit carefully teaching,
guiding our decisions, our lives.  

Holy Spirit of God, of unconditional love, be very much with us, teaching us to listen and to be sensitive
again.  Lift us up that we may humbly serve You.      

"Do not smother the Holy Spirit"
I Thessalonians 5:19