Big or Small
“He does not crush the weak or quench the smallest hope”
(Matthew 12:20 - Living Bible)

It is not infrequently that we look into our mirrors and see failure staring back at us.  Since the original
fall from grace there has never been anyone so confident that they see no fault in themselves.  We
are humbled by our shortcomings whether they are weaknesses or failures.  We are either broken in
spirit or brokenhearted.  Whatever the cause, it amounts to a sense of unworthiness.   

Jesus is the one who can mend our wounds and restore them, replacing our ineptitude with a
strength so solid that we become stronger than we were before.  His ministry has always been to
those who were needy, not to those who had no need of a Savior.

By His stripes we have been lifted up so that we might exalt His name in life and in death.  The weak
are not crushed as stubble beneath His feet, but are encouraged to regard even the smallest hope
as worthy of the Savior’s concern.  You’ve heard it said that there’s no problem too big for God.  Well,
there’s no problem too small either.