"For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth
to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him"
II Chronicles 16:9

Several writers of Scripture have referred to God in terms of body parts such as eyes, hands, and arms.  If
we are made in God's image, does that mean that God actually has appendages?  Or is it supposed to be
taken in a spiritual sense?  The answer most probably is the latter.  John 4:24 tells us that "
God is spirit".  
As for the writers, how else could they describe God other than in terms which people would relate to?

When the Scripture indicates that God sees throughout the earth, that means everywhere, with no place
overlooked.  To strengthen means that God's purpose is to support and revive us with physical
and spiritual fortitude.      

Whether or not God cares to display any of the physical attributes which have been designed for humankind,
is at God's discretion.  The clue is that God expects a willingness on our part;
fully committed and being neither partial nor carnal.

David the psalmist understood the scope of God's awesomeness, proclaiming in Psalm 63:1, "
my body longs
for you
".  God has done everything a Creator can do to get us to understand the magnitude in which we are
loved.  We've hidden from God in our natural sinful state, cowering and frightened to embrace that which has
been abundantly offered to us.  God tried to demonstrate this in the wonders of nature.  God tried to
communicate with us through the prophets.  Finally, God came to us in the form of a newborn human being,
born in a lowly manger.  At last we got it because it was on our own level of comprehension.  

Understanding that Jesus was God who descended from heaven to communicate with us and save us from
ourselves is the beginning of an abundant life for us.  Fulfillment happens on every level if we allow Jesus to
come into our hearts and be an intrical part of our lives.  If you haven't made that commitment, it's your time
right now.  Jesus came to us, died on our behalf, and rose from the grave forever to bring us redemption.  
Put your trust in Him today.