“they will be thorns in your sides and their gods will be a snare to you”
(Judges 2:3)

Perhaps it was because they were so used to the appearance of celestial beings that they stopped taking
them seriously.  Or maybe their memories were so short that they’d forgotten the mighty things the angels
had already done for them; the deliverances, the battles fought on their behalf.  Whatever the case, the
angel of the Lord reminded the Israelites that he would have never broken his covenant with them.  
Unfortunately the sense of loyalty was not mutual, for once again the Israelites strayed away, ignored the
angel of the Lord and he was livid.  He’d had it with these people who couldn’t be true in the best of times,
much less the worst of times.      

So the angel said he’d no longer protect them, that he’d no longer drive their enemies out of their camps for
them, that he was washing his hands of the whole mess.  And thus it went in the land of Bokim.  Eventually
the Israelites came to their senses and repented.  Same story over and over, but there are residual effects.  
Sin is often transferred down from generation to generation.

Today, other gods still haunt the people of God.  There are still thorns in our sides.  There are  many
perversions of truth which have seeped into every area of our lives, a bane that never goes away.  
Watch an hour of the news on TV and you will have accumulated 1000 distortions of God’s purity
in almost as many ways.