“Put this fellow in prison and give him nothing but bread and water until I return”
II Chronicles 18:26

He was exiled to prison, existing on bread and water only, knowing because of his very own prophecy that the
king would never return to release him.  Micaiah was doomed to die, friendless and forsaken, because he
would not compromise the word of the Lord.  In the first place, he had been sent for by the king himself.  He
was known as a prophet of truth; a prophet of God.  But the king rejected Micaiah’s words, even though they
were directly from the Lord, and everyone including the king knew it.  Why did he reject these words?  
Because the message didn’t please him.  It wasn’t what he wanted to hear.  They weren’t “feel good” words.  
Perhaps he was leaning a little too much to the left in the religious beliefs of his day.  Perhaps only words of
compromise would comfort him.

When Micaiah explained his vision, “I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the host of heaven standing
on his right and on his left” (II Chron 18:18), it was powerfully graphic and authoritative.  The very same thing
would happen centuries later when Stephen declared a similar vision to a crowd of angry Jews who
proceeded to stone him to death.  How dare someone be closer to God than they!

Daniel, too, took his stand.  “As I looked, thrones were set in place.  The Ancient of Days took his seat”
(Daniel 7:9)   Whether it’s an Old Testament story or a New Testament one, the premise never changes.  
Jesus said that eyes wouldn’t see and ears wouldn’t hear.  He wasn’t just talking to the Jews of his day; he
was talking to all the rest of us too.   

Somehow I don’t envision myself being locked up in prison with bread and water rations, but I firmly take my
stand with Micaiah and Daniel.  The word of the Lord is rejected as frequently by Christian believers as well
as non believers.  The Bible has everything we need.  It’s all there, and yet only one out of hundreds of
believers are able to see it and hear it.  They trust either in traditional theological interpretation from the
minds of others who are also deaf and blind, or fall for current theories and projections that are anything
other than anointed of the Holy Spirit.  This may very well include you.  

What happened to the king?  He died and nothing out of the ordinary happened with his life.  No legacy, no
contribution, no nothing.  Both of these statements above by Micaiah and Daniel couldn’t be more clear…..
that is, if you open your eyes and ears.  God sits on the throne surrounded by hosts of angelic beings.  
Micaiah called it like he saw it.