There was a young native-American man named Butch who God took home at age 19.  Butch came to know
Jesus more personally than most.  There are several reasons why God calls people home who have not
enjoyed a long life here on Earth, of which the most beautiful by far is that the person loves God so much
and vice-versa that God takes them to be with Him.  Enoch is an example of that.  You can read about Enoch
in the book of Genesis.  

Included in the book
The Governed of God, compiled by Ben Morgan, Butch’s writings are featured.  
Although I have had no success as yet, I am seeking permission to reprint his writings because they were
written while he was “under the anointing,” and others need to be exposed to this young man’s divine
revelation.  This kind of Holy Spirit writing is rare.  John the Elder wrote under a similar anointing when he
wrote the book of Revelation.  If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, then this blog may not be for you.  I
will thank Butch personally for giving his life to God, the Father of Wisdom, and Wisdom Himself, when I meet
him in Heaven.  Butch wrote in poetic form.  Here are just a few small excerpts.

“Worthy is the Lamb, states the congregation that shuns His blessings.

We are stubborn and set in our ways like sheep distrustful of strange things.

Bless my days with the counsel of your infinite wisdom.  Speak of things eternal.

There are masks used of the serpent of darkness, the author of deceit and doubt......a mask on the face of
confusion that leads to temptation to travel the wide road of self-indulgence.

O Gracious Master, reveal Thy splendor, to you we open our hearts in wonder.

.....to heed the calling of the cross, to hear the voice of wisdom.

They want to make me into some form I have no desire to be.

Lord, sometimes it gets so lonely when the ones you love don’t even care, when the ones you want to do
things for don’t receive your love, refuse to share.  When they are too busy with their games of chance to
really share what you paid such a price to give them.”

                                                                                                            - Butch