Caleb’s Countdown

"Let’s go immediately and conquer the land, for we are well able to overcome it”
(Numbers 13:30)

They were all good guys, but ten of them failed to get the big picture from God’s perspective, and two of
them, namely Caleb and Joshua, got it.  That’s why we know their names today and none of the ten others.  
Leading up to the particular event which separated the two men of faith from the rest of the pack, the Jewish
people had had their share of problems, ones which could have been avoided.  But they were too self-
centered to grasp the general idea about letting go and letting God, so their difficult situations multiplied.

They spent four hundred years in captivity in Egypt, a place that God never intended them to be.  Finally
God intervened by raising up Moses to lead them out of slavery.  By a method which was literally impossible
from a human standpoint, the parting of the Red Sea, God delivered them to safety.  Then from the top of
Mount Sinai God gave them laws to live by, both practical and holy.  Simple enough, but they couldn’t get
that right either.  Then they came to the land God had promised them which was called Canaan.  A nice
name - sounds like green pastures, running brooks, and ample food supply.  True enough; it was the number
one choice of every real estate broker, the number one destination of every travel agent.

But no, after all the miracles God had done for them they couldn’t comprehend just taking ownership of the
land by faith, so they decided to send twelve spies ahead of them to scout it out.  Apparently God’s word
wasn’t enough for them.  Again!  So the spies did their thing and gulped when they saw the tremendous size
of the cities in the land, and the people too - they rightly called them giants - and the vote came in negative,
ten to two.  No surprise.  We do the same thing - look at our House and Congress.  So they went with the
majority and gave themselves forty years of wandering aimlessly in nowhere land, that’s one year for each of
the forty days the spies were gone, until their generation died off.  Excepting Caleb and Joshua.  They made
it through and got to see Canaan.  God honored them because they honored God.  

It wasn’t as if the reports of the majority were false.  Caleb wasn’t blind.  There definitely were giants.  He saw
them.  But he also knew that God had specifically directed them and it would be God who would protect them
and give them victory.  Sure, they couldn’t do it on their own.  That was the point, but ten out of twelve
preferred to trust in their own abilities, or in this case - lack of them, leaving just the two men who believed
that because God ordained it, He would make it happen.

Caleb didn’t just believe in God’s way, he was campaigning for it.  He was excited about God’s taking them
into battle.  Let’s go at once, he urged.  Right now!  God says trust Me, so what’s the problem?  Like a rocket
ship taking off for the moon - countdown, blast off!  

But no.  They walked themselves right into another forty years of misery on top of the hundreds they’d just
endured.  After all of it, and again they chose to disagree with God.  And like Ananias and Sapphira, it was
the wrong choice.  Maybe you’ve made wrong choices all along, that you’ve never really trusted God enough
to do it His way.  Maybe you’d better give God a try.