God leads by example.  It’s an easy path to conclude that if Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory
and the likeness of God’s very being (Hebrews 1:3), and if we have been transformed into the image
of Jesus, then whatever examples God has set before us are to be imitated.  “Imitated” in
the best sense of the word, that is.  Nothing false or insincere, but rather, an inspiration to rise
to a higher level.  

We often spiral into self-fulfilling prophecy in a negative way when it comes to the words we
speak.  This verse in Proverbs says it all.  We complain about our problems - finances, health issues,
relationships, our jobs, and so on.  And many people just complain in general.....about everything.  
But we need to speak positively about the good things which we envision regardless
of what the situation appears to be at present.  And we need to verbalize it out loud every day
until it comes true.  If it lines up with God, it will come true.  “Delight yourself in the Lord and you
will receive the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4 - note that “desires” is plural).  

In spiritual terms it’s known as “calling into being;” calling upon Heaven to intervene and bring
about that which we cannot accomplish ourselves.  Even things which have never existed can
become reality.

Here’s where God’s example is loud and clear.  You know that a thousand Earth years equates
to one day on Heaven, right?  So, let’s start with the very first day.  “And God said, Let there
be light.  And there was light.” (Genesis 1:3)  Now, imagine saying that over and over for a thousand
years.  Even for God it didn’t magically appear.  God had to have faith, even if in
Himself.  So, are we going to follow the best example ever or not?

“You have been trapped by your own words”
(Proverbs 6:2)