There are things which a man instinctively knows without the need of a mentor.  Not only is the Bible
repeatedly clear in regard to the wisest people being the ones who say little yet speak strongly by their
actions, but most men inherently sense this truth early on.  Back a few years I used to run on a dirt track
which circled the perimeter of a recreational park located on Cape Cod.  It was one of similar tracks I have
exercised on through many years and many places.  It was ideally located in a wooded area where you could
walk or jog in solitude and get lost in your thoughts.  Guys running in the opposite direction would
intermittently pass me, sometimes nodding or smiling with a quick greeting;
all the while keeping pace and never skipping a beat.  

This was rarely true with the women though.  The females would run in pairs or groups, and never silently.  
They would be chatting and I would always know where they were because of the ongoing conversations.  
I was appreciative of the occasional exception who would run by herself, content to silently enjoy the
peaceful setting like her male counterparts.  For the others, the behavior never changed, whether it was in
Los Angeles or on Cape Cod or anywhere else.  Simply, the nature of men and women is different.  So be it.  
Maybe the balance is what it’s all about.  For me, I’ll take the solitude.

Somehow a different kind of endless chatter, not a godly kind, has filtered its way into the debate over the
gay and lesbians’ place in the kingdom of God.  Much of the right wing of Christianity would just as soon that
we had no place at all.  Thank God, literally, they don’t call the shots.  It isn’t that they don’t understand that
being gay is no one’s choice, they don’t want to face their own sin of wrongtfully judging others.  They would
prefer that justice for homosexual people would never come about, and in spite of their claiming separation of
church and state, they have long demolished that barrier.

Although they will go down kicking and screaming, quoting Scripture as if they somehow had revelation closer
to the mind of God than anyone else, their bigotry is losing ground and will continue to do so.  In their heart
of hearts they know better, but they refuse, masking God’s intent with a plethora of arguments far from any
revelation from above.  Many people have now transcended, and the time will come when the battle, which
never should have been started in the first place, will be won.  We can all thank God for Martin Luther King,
Troy Perry, Barak Obama, and others who had the vision and perseverance in spite of daunting odds to do
what is right in the name of God.  

The chapter of ignorant mentality is coming to a close.  For me, I no longer enter into the debates.  
I’m older now and I’m well over it.  I know who I am.  I know I am a child of God.  I know I have salvation
thought Jesus Christ who is my Savior and Lord.  I will not chatter about nothing.  May the mind be in each of
us which was in Christ Jesus, that in His wisdom we may embrace the all consuming love of our Heavenly
Parent.  Imagine God not loving His own creation.  How utterly foolish.


"The quiet words of the wise
are more effective than
the ranting of fools"
(Ecclesiastes 9:17)