“A rainbow resembling an emerald encircled the throne”
(Revelation 4:3b)

John the Elder had the privilege of visiting heaven, presumed by many to be in the form of a vision, but not
necessarily.  His visit could have been the real thing.  One day we’ll know.  Most people, if asked, would say
that heaven is some distant place way up in the galaxy beyond our scope of vision, much less our
comprehension.  Most would also say that heaven is someday in the future, but not now.  To set the record
straight, heaven is a reality which simultaneously exists in the present, but in another dimension which
humans cannot perceive as yet.  John was able to see the “door of heaven” opened, and he saw that heaven
does currently exist in that other dimension.  Good news - it’s really there.

One of John’s first observations was that God was (and is) sitting on the huge white throne.  So huge that
you can’t see around it.  And circling that throne he saw a vertical rainbow in brilliant jasper green.  It is
believed that there may have been other colors present, but that the green was the dominant color.  If you’ve
ever thought about it, we have three basic colors set before us for our daily viewing pleasure and comfort.  
Brown (earth, dirt), green (grass, trees), and blue (sky, water).  The green usually dominates the landscape
and is soothing to the eye.  It’s no surprise then, that God surrounds the throne with a pleasing
green rainbow.

Rainbow’s are thought by most people to form an arch shape.  Ask an airline pilot – not true.  Rainbows are
round, as can be seen from the perspective of way up in an airplane.  Quite simply, we  rarely have an
opportunity to see the whole rainbow, because from our viewing disadvantage half of it touches the ground.  
If flying at a substantial altitude and looking out of your airplane window at the rain clouds below, and with the
sun shining at the same time, you will see a full circle rainbow.  The predominantly green rainbow which
encircles the throne of God is also full circle; and vertical.    

Bible commentaries are full of opinions regarding what the green rainbow might signify.  No two are exactly in
agreement.  The explanation which I like the most is that it signifies the covenant which has been made with
Christ, not dissimilar to that of Noah and the ark.  God’s covenant with all people, if you will.  But, whether you
read something into it one way or the other is up to you.  I like the fact that there are amazing things ahead
for us in heaven beyond our wildest imaginations, and at this point, our comprehensions.  
Green – who knew?