“You were the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty…..
every precious stone adorned you”
Ezekiel 28:13

Tranquility and joy not only permeated throughout the universe, but more specifically all over planet Heaven.  
All created beings as well as the angels joyfully and robustly worshiped God because it was their choice.  
Harmony prevailed.  Love abounded.  Innocence remained uncorrupted.  God was building mansions and
God’s Son was the contractor.  The angels didn’t know why all the new construction, because humans hadn’t
even been created yet, but God always had a purpose in what He was doing, and by his spoken word all
things came into being.  Not that God spoke very often, you understand, but when He did there was no
mistaking it.  His ancient voice was like that of many waters, like thunder, like a sudden storm of great power
and might.  But then, it was the power of love, that magnificent all consuming love which caused all of
creation to bow down and worship their Creator.  Why, even the horses in heaven stretched forth their front
legs, bowed their heads and praised God.  All existence was a paradise at peace.

God sat on his throne, his Son on his right, and sometimes the great arch angel Lucifer was allowed on
God’s left.  But only sometimes and only briefly because mostly Lucifer had his duties to attend to.  The Son,
the Only Begotten One, was as one with the Father.  He was one in character with God and the very Being in
all of God’s universe who entered into all of God’s counsels, joined with God in creation, and received the
same glory and honor and allegiance which he deserved.  

Lucifer became increasingly unhappy with this arrangement.  It must have been pride, because he most
certainly had nothing to do with creation, and he didn’t come out of eternity as the Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit did.  God just simply came forth.  Everything in his path had become light and life, for God was the
source of all this.  God would rub his enormous hands together and say “it shall be”, and sure enough, it
was.  He stretched forth his right arm of power and authority and fire burst forth and a new creation came
into being.  Then He would stretch forth his left arm of compassion, and whatever He had just created was
drenched in love.  His tongue was his own and all of Heaven quickly learned the language of God.

Lucifer was “perfect in beauty.”  In fact, he was the most beautiful of all God’s host of angels.  He was clothed
in minerals and when he walked there came forth chimes and pipes from his person like that of an organ.  He
was the anointed one.  He was supposed to guide and bless the angels and glorify the Father of all.  Yet his
very own brightness, his very own glory, caused a sense of pride to well up within him.  He exchanged his
covering of minerals for a covering of mystery, subtly changing truth and seeking to be exalted as God’s Son
was.  This could not be.

Discontent was stirred up among one third of the heavenly host of angelic beings.  Billions of angels defected
with Lucifer.  They acquired a wrong spirit and rebelled against the Almighty One.  The arch angel of
magnificent resplendency was now the one shrouded in mystery and deceit.  Sin had begun.  False claims,
jealousy, and divisiveness became his mantra.  He would no longer be welcome in Heaven.

Today he and his fallen angels reside on Earth, and he still cloaks himself in mystery.  He has become so
very clever and conniving that it is often difficult to discern good from evil.  That’s just where he wants it.  
In fact, he has many convinced that he doesn’t even exist at all.  Has he fooled you?