Crave His Presence

“Early will I seek You; I can’t get enough of You” (Psalm 63:1)
“God, Who piles on more riches than we can possibly manage” (1 Timothy 6:17)

There would be no other reason for God to create humankind other than to love us and receive our love in
return.  And yes, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to observe that we were meant to be the caretakers of
planet Earth in every respect from the environment to the care of God’s animals.  It’s no wonder that the
psalmist craved God’s presence.  I do, too, and hopefully so do you.  There’s a song (one of my all-time
favorites) on YouTube by Jesus Culture which has been criticized as being too intimate with God.  Excuse
me?  There’s no such thing.....the problem lies with whoever made such an absurd comment.  Who do they
think created intimacy?  Here’s the link, but don’t even go there if you don’t want more of God because it
won’t work for you:

As was in the case of the widow of Zarephath, the oil just keeps on coming.  Jesus, God’s Son, yet one with
the Father, is always giving, and however large our vessel, however great our need, it will never run dry or
be left unattended.  His river of blessing overflows, His mercy endures eternally, and the solid composition of
His rock never crumbles.  Grace in abundance is His calling card.  Renewed every morning are His mercies
and plentiful are they at night.  There is no limit to the ointment of love poured forth upon us.  The golden
sands of God’s favor are endless and our souls are bathed by the River of Life which flows freely from under
the Throne.   

We can all recall a few times in our lives that we know without any doubt that God has saved us from a tragic
encounter or confrontation, accident or death.  But what about the myriad of times when we knew nothing of
it?  We have always been upheld by God’s mercy and have reaped His benefits.  Every breath we take is a
miracle.  We have been sheltered under wings whether we’ve been aware of it or not.  To crave His presence
and His intimacy, to extol His Being and exalt Him from early morning to late at night is our honor
and privilege.