He found that if he could somehow manage short shallow breaths, it was better.  No one had ever
experienced this and lived to tell about it.  There was no comfortable position; he was panicked for he could
hardly move.  He screamed but his voice went nowhere.  Surely he would never get out of this alive.  It was
unbearably cold and soaking wet and pitch black; the only hint of light being the phosphorus reflecting from
bits of shells and undigested shrimp.  The stench of decay filled his nostrils; the slimy, stinky, slippery goo
squeezing him unmercifully.  The worms and maggots were slithering into every crevice of his body as he was
being tossed perpetually and uncontrollably.

And we think we've had it bad.  Jonah went through the most disgusting and claustrophobic trial imaginable.  
Maybe you haven’t thought about his dilemma from inside the whale until now.  Call it a hunch, but I don't
think it resembled a plush Trump Tower suite down in that belly.  

God most assuredly is a Being of overwhelming love, yet will have it His way.  Interesting that Psalm 29:9
says: "The voice of the Lord makes the oaks to whirl and strips the forest bare....."  In other words, God is the
author of hurricanes as well as that sunny day on the prairie with amber waves of grain.  This is the God who
bellowed out across the void "Let there be light" in a voice like rolling thunder, an ancient voice to which
every creature would tremble and obey, a voice of total command, a voice of the power of love unleashed.  

Jonah came around.  So did the people after the hurricane, as the second part of Psalm 29:9 continues "we
fall to our knees and cry GLORY !"  There's a strong possibility that Jonah cried glory like never before once
he was freed from that whale's grip.   

Did God create us because He was lonely?  Maybe.  Did God create us to worship and adore Him through
Jesus Christ His only begotten Son?  Absolutely.  Was Jesus always with us, like did He show up in the Old
Testament?  Yes, many times.  He was alive and well and walking in the furnace of fire with Shadrach,
Meshach and Abednego for starters.  While you're at it, try imagining yourself inside that fiery furnace.  A
very different experience from Jonah's, but then again maybe not.  

Think about the last time you fell to your knees, lifted your arms in full extension heavenward, and cried glory
to God.  Been a while?  Never?  How about now!