Deer Force In Santa Rosa

This was in the late 70’s and it was a beautiful time of year to visit our friend Rebecca up in Santa Rosa.  She
was a fledgling designer and had begun her own business in this plush northern California community.  
Rebecca was a self-assured self-starter, and viewed herself as a cutting edge person.  She was forever on
diets, yet never showed results from any one of them.  We had a nice casual visit with her, very relaxing, and
among other things we went into town one night to the local movie theater.  ‘Comes A Horseman’ with Jane
Fonda and James Caan was the only flick playing.  

With my being dedicated to running in those days, the next morning at daybreak I took a jog around the
nearby lake.  It was misty and cool and I soon found my jogging rhythm.  Suddenly and much to my
amazement, a group of deer, five or six, were running right along side of me.  I never saw them coming - they
just appeared.  This lasted for a about a minute until they veered off in another direction.  They seemed to
have little awareness of me and I have wondered if it was because I was running too.  That euphoric
experience has never left me.  All I could hear was a soft swoosh.

Wild things.  God’s things.  I’m dumbfounded when I think about it.  I think I’ll look for Habakkuk when I fly
away and we’ll have a discussion up there in the next dimension.  He’ll know what they were up to.