"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
Matthew 5:8

The pure in heart didn't get that way from nothing.  They've been tested and have opted to remain pure, or
they've gone the worldly route, and seeing where that slippery slope leads, have run back into the arms of
God.  Either way, purity would seem so simple, but it's the tough choice to remain pure in this day and age.  
TV alone has irreversibly stained the minds of children when all too often they see things that send shock
waves even through the toughest of adults.  I've heard the godless rap music (music?) defiantly blasting from
cars of irresponsible and socially inept drivers.  Not all of it, but some of it's from the pit of hell itself.   Anyone
who belongs to Christ knows it, even if backslidden.

I'll be the first to confess that I've lost a lot of my innocence. Do we want to see God?  Answer: more than
anything this world could entice us with.  

Be deliberate in your quest to be pure in heart.  Lets set our sights on seeing God.