“Take dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air
and over every living creature that moves on the ground”
(Genesis 1:28)

Adam enjoyed a perfect existence in the Garden of Eden.  He was a vegetarian and everything he needed
was given to him.  He tended the gardens, but in a sense he worked for none of it.  Toil and sweat were not
yet in his vocabulary.  But maybe the overall responsibility of it overwhelmed him because in due time he
asked for a helper.  Some say he got lonely.  He and God were best friends but apparently that wasn’t
enough for him.  God in His compassion put him to sleep with His own heavenly anesthesia and performed an
operation.  The result was a helpmate for Adam named Eve.  Back a few centuries the word used was
“helpmeet” which implied that Eve was to help meet the needs of Adam - just throwing it out there - you can
draw your own conclusion.  She was also a man, but designated a woman: a “womb man.”  Genesis 2:24
states that “
for this reason (the reason being Eve) a man will leave his father and mother” which made no
sense at the time because he had no earthly father or mother.  Neither he nor Eve had belly buttons either,
an obvious inference.  

They weren’t independent at that juncture.  They still depended completely upon God to take care of them.  
Genesis 3:21 says that “
The Lord made garments of skin for them.”  In other words, God clothed them - they
didn’t do it themselves.  God was also the first one to slaughter animals in order to get the skins to cover
them.  How do I know that?  Because there was no record of death at that point even for animals.  Not until
Eve ate the apple from the forbidden tree resulting in God’s curse of death was the word “death” introduced,
and they didn’t actually die for a long time after.  And certainly not within the confines of the perfect Garden.  
As a sidebar FYI, death is unknown on the other planets in eternity where God created alternate life forms
long before Earth was formed.    

We all know what Moses recorded in Genesis.  Along came the devil in the form of a serpent.  But guess what
- the serpent (snake) was walking upright.  Why else would God curse him to crawl forevermore on his belly?  
(Genesis 3:14)  I had a snake rear up at me a few years ago.  Half of its body stood right up challenging me.  
Its body automatically remembered what it was originally intended to do.  Up until Eve and Adam ate the apple
of temptation they only got part of the picture, one piece of the puzzle.  Something along the idea of what the
Apostle Paul said about ability to see though a glass only darkly.    

Genesis 3:5 and 3:22 complete the picture.  God proclaimed that they would become “
like one of us,
knowing good and evil.  The “us” part is a heads-up glimpse into the plurality of the Godhead, by the way.  
Along with new knowledge, human beings were instantly given dominion of everything else that existed.  
That’s a big order.  But you’d never know it looking at most people, let alone Christians.  Just like a plethora
of idiots pointed out in the Bible and throughout all of history thereafter, most humans willingly give up their
dominion.  They relinquish their rightful place in God’s order.      

Often there is no clear answer, no sense of direction, and no light bulb flashes on in our heads by way of
verification from God.  That’s usually because we are supposed to take hold of our dominion and run with it,
but we haven’t.  Well aware that the world is allowed to only see things physically, the smart Christians ask
God to open their spiritual eyes.  To see things spiritually from a godlike perspective.  Perceptive enough to
discern good from evil.  Smart enough to know that we have dominion over that rebellious serpent who was
forever cursed to crawl in the lowly and undesirable places.  

Have you given up your spiritual authority to a slithering liar?  It’s time to take back your dominion.