“When your words came I ate them,
what delight I took in belonging to You”
(Jeremiah 15:16)

Many people can point to a specific moment in their lives when they accepted Christ as their Savior.  If not
that, then they can usually remember the general circumstances under which they came to that decision, the
very decision which was the pivot point, the life changer forever.  

If that was you, you’ll also remember that every moment of every day from when you woke up in the morning
until you fell asleep at night you were thinking about God.  You inhaled Scripture, couldn’t get enough of it.  
Carried your Bible with you.  Prayed unceasingly wherever you went regardless of who you were with and
prayed about everything you touched.  The Word of God was your lifeline.   It was like you literally devoured
God’s words and it goes without saying that you delighted in being a son or daughter of the Most High God.  

So, what happened today?  Same kind of day?  No?  

The Lord God counseled Jeremiah and said, “If you come back to Me, I will restore you.....but don’t just utter
empty words, for I alone can save you.”  (Jeremiah 15:19-20)  Maybe it’s time to revisit those words.

Eating Words