Extra Helpings
Ever wonder why some Christians seem to be able to get away with a lot more than you can?  King David -
striking, muscular man's man, smart and clever, author of passionate psalms, the man after God's own
heart.  What's not to love?  A lot of pages in the OT are dedicated to him as you well know.  He spent a
chunk of his youth having sex with Jonathan, whom I suspect was 20 years his senior, and then went on a
sexual bender the rest of his life taking any woman whom he fancied.  And this before Viagra.  David
appeared to have taken more license than most and seemed to have had an extra helping of grace going out
in his direction because he got away with a lot and still remained in God’s favor.  We can't argue with God's
favors.  Most probably if we were given an extra helping of grace we couldn't handle it.  

Ours is neither to question nor to be jealous of someone else's liberties.  To those who have been called to
serve in high profile ministries, it would seem that they have tighter boundaries than commoners who easily
slip by unnoticed.  The Bible makes it clear that grace is unmerited, and is an attribute of mercy and love
from a God Who knows more about us than we do.  Who can lightly dismiss the "I" in TULIP as put to us by
John Calvin?  (that would be
irresistible grace)  Grace is for our enjoyment and is our empowerment to be a
success in our Christian journey, not provided just to see how much we can get away with.  What an
incredible and overwhelming gift.  

The brief pacification of indulgence whether privately or otherwise isn't worth the heart wrenching regret we'll
soon experience when we'll be eyeball to eyeball with Jesus Himself.  He gets it and will forgive us, but it's
going to be a devastatingly uncomfortable moment, and who needs that?

Dabbling where we shouldn't?  We all need to learn to walk away earlier.  

Zechariah 12:10       I Corinthians 1:4-5
I Samuel 18:4      I Samuel 20:17      II Samuel 1:26