“the first dominion shall be returned to you”
(Micah 4:8)

Have you thought about how amazing it is that people can so easily be drawn into an explosive court case?  
TV stations cleverly blitz every screen every hour for days with updates on the latest bizarre trial.  The more
violent and twisted the better.  These earthly tribunals fascinate us, grab our attention and dominate our
conversations, and we form judgments regarding guilt or innocence; guided, that is, by the skillful directing of
the media messengers.  In reality we are advised what to believe either subtlely or otherwise.

Our undivided attention pales in comparison, however, to the eternal heavenly courts where the angelic
realm of every level will watch with the greatest of interest when The Book of Life is opened.  This is where
every detail of our lives will be splayed before the entirety of Heaven as the greatest Judge of all is read our
names, carefully, precisely, and one by one with no detail omitted, however minor it may appear to us.  
Before Almighty God, the holiest of Holy Ones, an exact recording of everything we have ever done whether
deliberately or absent-mindedly, whether important or trivial, whether intentional or otherwise will be read
aloud before literally countless of thousands, possibly billions, of witnesses.  Invested celestial beings.  
Every idle word spoken, every deed done has been precisely recorded in this book by God’s faithful angels.  
On our part, nothing can be rescinded or undone.     

Veils of piety will fall away and each one of us will stand as naked before our Creator.  The very One Who is
Wisdom Himself will be the ultimate judge of our character.  How well we have managed to conceal our
shortcomings before our fellow human beings will be instantly irrelevant before the Holy One who looks down
into the depths of the heart.  The heart He created, the same heart whose every beat is totally dependent on
its Maker.  All methods of concealment abruptly ended.  There is not now and never will be an acceptable
excuse for sin.  Sobering, isn’t it.  

God’s only begotten Son, Jesus, the one appointed as intercessor long before time as we know it, will boldly
enter into the presence of His Father and will petition on our behalf, plead our case, show the hands which
were pieced for us and present the blood He shed.  Jesus, our lawyer, will represent each one who has
trusted in that blood, and through our overcoming faith we can depend on that same shed blood for the
forgiveness of all sin, large and small, resulting in redemption which strictly relies upon the ultimate sacrifice
of Jesus.  Naked no more, for we shall be clothed in the righteousness of Jesus our Savior.

The prophet Micah has revealed an incredible truth.  The first dominion, the Garden of Eden, will once again
be restored to us.  In spite of Satan’s tireless efforts to thwart that which was intended for our benefit and
enjoyment, those efforts have been defeated, annihilated by the Son of God.  It will be as though humankind
had never fallen in the first place.  The apple of disobedience will be no more, as if it was never plucked or
eaten.  Satan’s temporary victory, not a victory at all.  And, too, our forgiveness, our pardon, will not only
come to fruition, but we will share in the glory of God’s beloved Son.

Need some help?  Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient for you."  (2 Corinthians. 2:9)