God's Got This One

“Things which cannot be shaken may remain”
(Hebrews 12:27)

From the looks of our present state of affairs there isn’t much on our planet that is not being shaken.  
Anyone Biblically inspired inherently knows that the hand of God has begun to come into play in regard to
the end times.  Sure, there have been saints from every generation who have believed that they were in the
last days.  Relatively, maybe they had good reason.  But there’s no question in my mind that we are in the
last of the last.  This is it - the finality of earth as we know it, the ushering in of the new earth..

There are so many Biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled that it would take a long time to quote all the
verses, but you probably already know that.  The most obvious signs are as follows:

Wars and rumors of wars.  Duh, a moron could figure that one out.  Unrest in the middle east has become
the norm.  How about the unpredictable chaotic weather like tsunamis (a word unfamiliar to most of us until
recent years), earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, drought, famines, and so on?  And what about the
predicted one world economy?  We’re plowing right into that one full speed ahead.  Others include global
communication (we get a solid A+), increased knowledge, ethnic conflicts, deadly diseases, and more.  
Someone said to me a few years ago that he “wanted it all.”  Well, brother, you’re getting it.   

The international community wants to rebuild Iraq.  In other words Babylon, just as the Bible foretold.  And
don’t forget the rebuilding of Jerusalem.  Who knew, you say?  People who study their Bibles knew.  So why
are some of the very same Christian people so adamantly trying to stop or at least slow down what God has
already put into motion?  Let the politicians, the president, the cabinet, and all the rest play it out.  In reality
they have less power to change the world than the tiniest ant you just stepped on, but they either don’t know
it or they deny it.  Even to themselves.  God is still on the throne and still ruling the universe regardless how
they toil and spin.   

Ever read some of the books on “the mark of the beast?”  That may sound fictional to some, but we are baby
steps away.  Even pets have micro chips implanted nowadays.  On the personal level it’s a heartbreaker.  
Many people have given their lives over to greed or lust of many varieties, and it’s not just non Christians
either.  But the worst thing for a Christian to give into is the spirit of fear.  In Luke 21:11 Jesus sums it up like
this: “
there will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and
great signs from heaven.

Fear is the beginning of heart palpitations, anxiety, cowardness, even heart attacks.  Yet Jesus told us to
“fear not” because He is with us.  There is notable change in the air.  Jesus told us that these signs would not
be the end, but rather the
beginning of the end.  No one can stop the direction of the world, or barely even
slow it down, but we can watch the mighty hand of God at work to bring to pass that which He has so
ordered.  What cannot and will not be shaken are the dictates of an awesome God.  Just relax and keep your
eyes on the prize.  God’s got this one.