“Out of the north He comes in golden splendor; God comes in awesome majesty…..
behind him He leaves a glistening wake.”
(Job 37:22 & 41:32)

God is a traveler.  He has traveled through eternity from the beginning.  Yet there was no beginning, and
that’s just one of the plethora of mysteries which we embrace by faith, for it surely is beyond our
comprehension.  And when He travels, make no mistake; there is an overwhelming wake of splendor and
awesome power in his path, leaving no question as to where He has been and where He is headed.  The
Scriptures tell us that the morning stars sing in unison of his glory, worshiping and bowing to God along with
all the rest of creation (Job 38:7).

The Bible also tells us that one day rocks will cry out, trees will bend in adoration, and all of creation above
the earth, on the earth, and below the earth will joyfully attest to God’s omnipotence.  When God desires to
create, all things come into being by his spoken word.  It is not a word softly spoken.  God’s voice echoes as
that of the ancient ages: thundering, awesome, mighty, masculine, and thoroughly shaking everything
throughout the heavenlies.  His right arm flings forth power and might whereby a new and unique mass which
we call matter is created from nothing, and his left arm shoots forth love and compassion causing the
creation to be perfect and complete (Job 40:9).  

What happened though eternity where God has traveled?  Light became so, where there once was darkness
and void.  Life was created wherever God desired to make it so.  Human?  No.  We are the only humans
which were created.  Halfway up the throne of God in the center of Heaven are the four great cherubim who
govern the universe.  These huge magnificent beings have four heads –
that of an ox, a lion, an eagle, and a man.  These represent the beings on God’s planets.  But just because
they are in forms which we would categorize as animals and a bird, does not mean they are of lesser
intelligence.  Quite the opposite.  They are wise and careful beings; gentle and pensively weighing options.  
They have never experienced a fall like we humans have.  
They are not in need of redemption.

All this, and God so loved the world which He created that He could not bear for us to be separated from him,
because we were unable to measure up to God’s perfect standard.  God then sent a part of his very being in
the form of his own son Jesus to die in our place in order that we might be justified back to God; saved
despite our own inadequacies.  Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf
we can call this resplendent, omniscient, omnipresent being Abba, “daddy.”  
Personal, intimate, our very own Parent.    

Look to the North, for the day of our redemption is coming very soon.  
He will come in golden splendor.