“Please Jesus (they said)…..we want to be able to see too”
Matthew 20:33

Florida:  Here you are chatting away with your selected friends, laughing and sharing secrets, strategically
grouped so that your invisible barrier cannot be penetrated.  It’s Wednesday night dinner at the MCC church
in Sarasota.  Across the room is Nancy Wilson sitting at a far less popular table, talking with people who you
don’t even know.  You don’t know them because you’ve never made the effort.  They’ve been there week
after week, but you’ve been too busy.  After all, they’re neither socially adapted, nor educated, nor refined.    

California:  This is going to be a powerful service.  Already there are a lot of folks milling around, and there
still is a half hour before the Sunday morning service begins.  Not to worry, because no one is making an
effort to greet you.  They’re all occupied with their friends and, too, it’s relatively dark.  Suddenly a tall
friendly guy is standing before you.  Not sure where he came from.  He’s mild mannered and he welcomes
you, asks your name, where you’re from, and what brought you to this church?  You sense the Holy Spirit
upon this man.  It isn’t until a few minutes later that you realize that he is Neil Thomas, the pastor.  He never
mentioned the pastor part.  You can’t help wondering why he was the only one who greeted you.

Jericho:  Blind men are calling out; loudly.  These men, too, are neither socially adapted, nor educated, nor
refined.  The disciples are telling them to be quiet because Jesus shouldn’t be bothered.  After all, they’re on
a mission, aren’t they?  They need to protect their own social network.  There’s enough to do in keeping up
with their own friends, much less adding newcomers.  

Let’s face it; there are priorities.  Spending time organizing for Pride certainly preempts personal prayer
time.  Spending hours on end chatting on face book preempts telling your co-worker about Jesus.  Concerns
over meeting the church budget preempts a kind word to your despondent supermarket clerk.  Most certainly
GLBTQ issues preempt seeking lost souls even within your own gay community.  And the biggest priorities
such as church policy, fundraising, liberation & equal rights must indeed preempt worship time.   

When’s the last time you asserted yourself like Nancy did?  Or are you still sitting with your friends gossiping,
joking, discussing things that couldn’t possibly matter in light of eternity?  In the Sunday worship service,
have you any concern whatsoever about the person sitting near you who may not know Christ?  Or may
need spiritual guidance?  Oh, that’s right, you’re not Neil Thomas.  But just out of curiosity, when’s the last
time you asked someone if they would like to know that they could have eternal life?    

So, it was only the disciples hoarding Him, right?  Remember this: it is by God’s grace that we are included in
the whoevers (whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved).  Do not limit that grace.  

Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes.  
Immediately they received their sight and followed Him.
Matthew 30:34