It might appear that God had a missed opportunity when He let Noah and his family squeak by in the moment
in time when all humans could have been rid of.  God could have started over and created new beings which
would have been better inclined to behave, perhaps reworking the “free will” part.  It has to have something
to do with our revived appreciation when redeemed through the blood of Jesus because there’s no doubt
that it has caused us to humbly adore our Heavenly Parent through new eyes.

A person who has had a born-again experience, simply put, has a rejuvenated heart for God.  For a God to
be so caring about His created beings that He would go out of His way to pluck a selected few from eminent
destruction by way of an earth convering flood, leading up to an inevitable redeemer in the person of Jesus,
is a God with insight of incomprehensible magnitude.  We certainly don’t always express ourselves in ways
which offer honor to our God, but there has been an inner adoration which has replaced a callousness and
casualness, the latter being more common and thankfully corrected by attitude adjustment.

There is a hallowed wonder in our hearts, an awareness of a holy presence within our being, a gratitude with
which nothing earthly can compare.  When we are at a loss for words, when our heavenly language speaks
for us because we cannot, we are then left with an unspoken wonder which wells up within us with the
knowledge that God chose to spare us.  For this we are thankful.    

God reached down through the folds of time and specifically redeemed each of us.  We are here and now
because we’re supposed to be.  We should not understate God’s providence or predetermined act of
unconditional love.