“And the sun stopped, and the moon stood still”
(Joshua 10:13)

Heaven stood still and held its collective breath, and the only sound that could be heard throughout the
universe, though faint and delicate, was the beating of a brand new heart of the baby Jesus who just entered
the world of humans.  It was a tiny heart so full of love that the precious little body could hardly contain it.  
It was the love of the One Who created all that existed; in fact, it was the Creator’s heart itself.

The very same host of angels, who, in a massive choir unlike anything that had ever touched the Earth’s
ears, foretold of the child’s birth in song.  And having filled the evening sky with melody and praise just
moments before, they now paused in silence.  A hush entered the universe.  Angelic beings on planet
Heaven stood in awe, listening to the tender heartbeat of the newborn.  Beings on other planets, created
long before Earth was on the heavenly roster, stopped and bowed in humble reverence.  
Others knelt in worship, admiring at what God had done, yet unable to comprehend the magnitude
of what had just happened; not yet.

The ancient Hebrew book of Jashar which is referenced in Joshua and II Samuel was a collection of hymns
celebrating important battles and their important leaders.  Referenced also is the day the sun and moon
stood still.  Unlikely?  No, not at all.  God can do anything.  After all, the very essence of God always was
and always will be.  No beginning and no end.  As humans that’s a hard concept for us to grasp.  It’s also
hard to wrap our heads around God being Himself, His own Son, and his own Best Friend.  And when it
comes to God entering the body of a newborn baby, and then somehow through this same body providing
way of redemption for sinners who had no way to rescue themselves, now that takes faith to comprehend
its ramifications.

Not only that, in its simplicity and clarity it doesn’t take a lifetime of intensive study or training to get ahold of
it.  Jesus said that if we have but the tiniest bit of faith like an itty bitty mustard seed, He’d do the rest.  
And He did.  Completely.

Every year during the Christmas season we hear the same traditional catch phrases from churches of every
denomination and even from the media.  Phrases like this being a good time to do something charitable,
or to reflect on the real reason for the season.  Well, not so much by the media on that one.  

But, it’s true.  If all of Heaven stood still in reverence and admiration, in worship and thanksgiving (and there’s
a very good chance that they did), shouldn’t we be just as compelled to do the same?  It would be illogical,
even absurd to believe that God Himself could enter into the body of a tiny human which would somehow
become our deliverance and redemption.  Or would it?