Both the prophet Isaiah and John the Elder were allowed a glimpse into what goes on around the throne of
Heaven.  Isaiah described mighty and powerful beings which he called Seraphs, or Seraphim,
which had six wings: two which covered their faces, two covering their feet, and two by which they were
flying.  John saw them a little differently because he was able to describe their eyes  completely covered
them, even on the underside of their wings.  

There are also descriptions of their four heads; that of a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man.  We know of
course that the man represents humankind here on Earth.  The other heads represent life on other planets
within eternity from where God has come.  Everywhere God had traveled He has created life and light.  
When these huge and impressive beings speak, everything trembles and rumbles because of their great
power.  Smoke rises in a similar way as when an army of warriors of horseback would
stir up dust when racing across a dry desert.  

The duty of these mighty beings is to honor God continually.  It is voluntary just as our allegiance will be
throughout infinity.  It would be a good idea, by the way, to allow ourselves to embrace that same mind set by
worshipping God with all that we have right here and now.  Practice makes perfect.  

The big question is, why do these great beings repeat holy, holy, holy three times?  Does God not hear them
the first time?  Of course He does.  The first holy refers to God as always having been holy, the second
refers to God being holy right now, and the third refers to God’s being holy for all of time to come.  But there
is also a degree.  God is not only just holy, which in itself is above anything any created being can obtain,
but God is even holier than that.  And if that isn’t enough, God is the holiest of holies well above and beyond
anything we as humans can possibly comprehend.  No wonder the elders around the throne cast crowns
before Him day and night.  

God is perfection.  Every breath we take is because God had breathed it into us by the Holy Spirit; God’s
Triune being.  Our hearts beat only because God has ordained it so.  In ourselves, we are capable of
nothing.  Left to our limited state of mind, we cannot understand God in three persons: Himself, His own Son,
and His own best friend.  It’s called trust, faith, knowing that our redeemer has it under control.   

We have been created to worship our Creator.  And that we do because He allows it, not because we have
any strength or resources to accomplish it ourselves.  The mighty beings of God, the Seraphim and
Cherubim, know and understand this, and willingly and joyfully prostrate themselves before the Almighty
One.  We should do no less.

"Holy, holy, holy,
is the Lord Almighty"
( Isaiah 6:3 )
.    Three