The simplest concept of God confounds the wisest of humankind.  An unprecedented occurrence, that of a
virgin maiden having a child, has been enough to confound the greatest of logic throughout the ages.  
Humanly it’s unexplainable, yet with God it’s just a word spoken by the Author of faith.

Mary’s moment came soon enough.  She was still young.  There probably wasn’t anything unusual about that
day.  She was busy doing her usual chores, going about her business in a godly manner, always mindful to
give God the glory in all things.  The sudden presence of the beautiful angel certainly changed her
perspective like no other.   

The angel of the Lord consoled Mary, telling her that she had found favor with God, and that she in her
virginity would give birth to the Son of the Most High.  “How shall this be?” responded Mary.  She had much to
consider.  Months later when the decree came down from Caesar Augustus, there was no choice but to
return to the place of Joseph’s ancestry even though she would soon be ready to deliver.  From Nazareth to
Bethlehem they traveled; Mary in obedience and Joseph by faith, and with a certain amount of difficulty,
particularly for her.  They were to name the baby “Jesus” as instructed by the angel.

The seed of a woman would become flesh.  No earthly man would be involved.  She wasn’t just any woman,
for Mary had been on God’s mind since the Garden of Eden when a woman, unassisted by a man, plucked
an apple from the forbidden tree and stole a blissful existence away from all humankind.  And this virgin
woman Mary would singularly be the avenue of restoration to all who would by faith find salvation through this
Jesus.  Royal blood ran through her veins by way of a supernaturally protected genealogy.

Not far in the future these words would be spoken:

“For my eyes have seen Him as You promised me.
I have seen the Savior You have given to the world.
He is the light that will shine upon the nations.”
Luke 2 :30-32

Jesus the Christ is our Emmanuel – God with us.  His kingdom will be forever.  We as believers in Him have
been called unto a royal priesthood through this great salvation through Christ.  Redeemed, responsible and
answerable; not casual and careless.  

The ideal ending of a Christmas day – by simple prayer to be washed anew in the cleansing fountain of life,
the fountain of Jesus’ blood shed for us.  Called unto a royal priesthood, justified to walk in holiness, we too
share in the same glorious hope that the virgin Mary did.