I had a friend named Jerry.  He died of AIDS.  We were close.  I was spared seeing him when his body failed,
so my memories of Jerry are all from when he was healthy.  He was a great character with a
unique personality, had a wonderful sense of humor, and he was someone very easy to love.  I did.  
I always imagined that he and I would one day be sitting in our rocking chairs overlooking some
pleasing panoramic view and talking about everything we did in our lives, together and separately.  
I can still see the scene in my mind.

Jerry had the best imagination of anyone I've ever known.  He was a visionary.  When we were involved in
Shekinah Fellowship it became known that Jerry's imagination was not something to be taken lightly because
often what he envisioned came true.  We began to know that Jerry was a prophet, and because of him we
came to know that our imaginations could be as God given as anything else.  
You may know the Scripture, Joel 2:28
"…..your old people will dream dreams
and your young ones will see visions."
 Jerry did both.

Without realizing it, Christians often make contrary statements about heaven.  This can come from lack of
knowledge; not understanding how to properly work with the Scriptures or how to piece together all the facts
that have been revealed about heaven.  Scripture calls this
"rightly diving the word of truth."  Heaven is an
actual place, not some spiritual existence in your head.  If you can't imagine it, then it's time to stretch your
imagination.  There is an adversary named Satan, a fallen angel (yes it's true) who would be happy to
continue misdirecting your thoughts, encouraging your doubts,
and minimizing your anticipation of the perfect world to come.

The Beatles' song "Imagine" from the '70's couldn't be more contrary to the Word of God if it tried.  
Here are some of the words:

"Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try.  No hell below us, above us only sky."

You get the drift.  The thing is, even well meaning statements like "it's going to be better than our wildest
dreams" negates our God given imaginations.  We
really can imagine it, and it is easy if we try.  Why do you
think God gave us the gift of imagination for in the first place?  Read in the archives
Gold Street
and Right Behind The Stars.  If heaven is beyond that which you will allow your imagination to explore,
then you don't have enough slack on your spiritual leash.  Let go – imagine.

Some have said that John the elder's book of Revelation is well beyond their understanding.  Guess what - it
was written in words.  Nobody writes words if they think no one will understand them.  It's the opposite.  
Authors try to make their words clear enough to take the reader along with them.  Sure, sometimes they
could do it better.  John the elder, for example, wasn't exactly writing in the 21st century mind set, but if we
use a little imagination we'll get it.  God gave you the gift of imagination, so let God show you.  Let the visions
fly, turn your daydreams into blessed imaginations, wander with your Scripturally based mind.  
It's a good thing.  

I Corinthians 2:9
"No eye hath seen, nor ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared
for those who love God, but
God has revealed it to us by God's Spirit"

ps – Jerry was an organist in Shekinah Fellowship.  You can see photos of Jerry under Early Days and
Shekinah & Friends in the Site Directory