“the Father of all compassion”
(II Corinthians 1:3)

Compassion and slow to anger.  That’s foreign language to most people.  The 21st century norm for many
people is: show no mercy, get angry first and think later, always be up to taking on a fight, be argumentative
whenever possible.  Now we’re talking.  Ready to do battle.

Most Christians would agree that we have been created in God’s own image.  But when asked what God
looks like they come to a road block.  Oh, God is most likely a spirit of some kind.  A common response would
be that you can’t really see God, so you have to use the eyes of faith.  I'm not sure what they mean by that
and I don't think they are either.  And with that, the subject is closed.  

We say as Christians that we take the Bible literally.  Really?  If you were to draw a picture of what God looks
like just from the Psalms alone, what would you come up with?  Well, let’s see: Scripture tells us that God has
a head, and eyes, and a chest, and arms, and legs, and feet, and so forth.  But how could that be?  That
would be saying that God made us to look pretty much like Himself.  Duh!  

If you get to a place where you are willing to take the Bible at its word and understand that it isn’t kidding
when it says we have been made in God’s image, then you have passed the entry level course on God 101.  
But 201 takes you to a whole new level and the majority would fail miserably on that one.  Wings.  David
mentions God’s wings so many times that you’d have to be blind to miss it.  Jesus words in Mark 8:18: “you
have eyes but you don’t see and ears but you don’t hear.”  That bombshell is usually explained away as
specifically applicable to unbelievers because no one wants to face the fact that it might apply to them.

So we pick and choose what is convenient for us and in that way we don’t have to stretch beyond our comfort
level.  If you ever get serious and really want to know about God, you might consider listening to
Rev Percy Collett’s tapes.  He’s the one who was literally taken to Heaven for 5½ Earth days.  I first came across him many years ago when he was a guest of Jan & Paul
Crouch on the TBN network.  He was supported by every recognized name in the Christian world from John
Osteen to the queen of England as the real McCoy, so I thought I’d better look into it.  Some friends and I
actually went to Anaheim, CA to hear him talk at the Eagles Nest Church.  That was a whole lot of years ago
and I still remember it like it was yesterday.  

But I digress.  What I am leading up to is that not only have we physically been made in God’s image (image
& likeness do not mean exact replica), but God also gave us His emotions.  God laughs and cries and can
even change His mind.  And Scripture says that He is the bottom line when it comes to compassion, love, and
forgiveness.  He bestows favor.  He has compassion on the disadvantaged and withholds His wrath when

If we are to be imitators of God as the Apostle Paul suggested (Eph 5:1), then compassion (love) is a good
starting point.  We can’t grow wings and fly (yet) but love can be our primary motivation.  
From what I can see, that’s God’s motivation too.