“Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks
and exploits and abuses, chose these ‘nobodies’ to expose the hollow pretensions
of the ‘somebodies’?
I Corinthians 1:27   (the Message)

Very few among us don’t complain to some degree about the imperfect goings-on inside a ministry or church
once we get involved to a degree where we are able to observe things.  We wish we hadn’t ventured so close
or volunteered, because now we know too much that we’d rather not know.  The high standard to which we
hold some of our leaders (not all of them) isn’t necessarily there, or at least not to the level of our liking.  
Whoops – the saints are not perfect.  The bubble has burst.

Salvation isn’t ours because we were wise enough to deserve it.  God chose us.  We didn’t chose God.  We
were compelled and drawn in by the Holy Spirit, so lets not give ourselves all the credit for our smart
decision.  We were chosen because we needed a Savior to deliver us from our impossible situation, and that
choice was made for us before the foundation of the world.  We had nothing to do with it, and there is no way
we could have earned it on our own.  And guess what?  We weren’t chosen for our talents or achievements.  
According to Scripture it was quite the opposite.  The whole concept defies the world’s intelligence.  
The apostle Paul even called it “foolishness” to those who aren’t destined to believe.

God didn’t choose perfect people: in fact, quite the opposite.  We’ve all started out very inadequately, and
the only way we’re going to raise ourselves to a higher level is with Jesus’ help.  Looking to Jesus is the
answer – most certainly not looking to ourselves.  In Him we are made perfect.  We’re instantly cleansed from
sin when we accept Him as Savior, but it will take a lifetime to rid ourselves of most of our imperfections.
We are weak.  He is strong.  He is our rock.  What a privilege to run to that rock every day.  Make use of it.