“Every day of my life was recorded in your book;
every moment planned before a single day came into existence”
(Psalm 139:16)

The motivation of all created things is driven by habit and familiarity.  A bird instinctively returns to its nest,
a fox to its den, and a clown fish to the security of the reef.  Humans usually return to their childhood roots
even if only once out of curiosity, while others go to great lengths in tracing their ancestry.  It’s an automatic
pattern of behavior divinely appointed and a signature of the intended harmony of the universe.

With our being created in our Savior’s image, it is therefore reasonable to deduce that the godhead, too,
favors certain actions natural to its very essence.  The Bible tells us that we are to take on the mind of Christ,
yet it is evident that Jesus’ mind has always been set upon us, that from a vantage point of eternal love He
planned every moment of every day for each one of us even before He made the world upon which we would
live.  Proverbs 8:22, 23 reinforces this, telling us that we were created first, before the world was formed
and appointed from out of eternity.  Once you expand your thinking, visualizing this bigger picture and
grabbing the concept, you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else.

If the mind constantly pursues the object of its choice, then it follows that Jesus is drawn to us every bit as
much as we are drawn to Him.  That’s a perfect love affair.  Proverbs 8:31 says that the godhead looked
down upon what it formed with great delight to a point of unparalleled rejoicing in its  creation of humanity.  
Jesus, who was and is and will be, distinctive yet inseparable from the Father, anxiously awaited the arrival
of each one of us who He formed and dreamed about, rolled loving thoughts over and over in His mind
about, and craved the moments of our entries from our mothers’ wombs through His inexplicable
It boils down to this: our Creator loves and adores us beyond measure - literally.  Our hearts of devotion can
return that love which we are able, but in our present state we can never love Jesus as deeply and
completely as He loves us.  The dimension in which we will one day dwell will consume our souls with a
degree of love that, although currently incomprehensible, will become clearer than purified water.  Only then
will we be able to absorb the fullness of Jesus’ love, able to comprehend what He foresaw and
why He did what He did.