Often our minds reflect on past sins.  We think we should have done this and we shouldn’t have done that.  
We are regretful and ashamed because we know could have done better, yet we look ahead without undue
apprehension or fear because we firmly believe that that which Christ did for us is sufficient and final.  
Sinners by nature, yes we are, but we who are elect have already been redeemed.  It’s far more than a
feeling.  We can never attain holiness or perfection in our mortal bodies, but we don’t have to because
Jesus already did it for us.

We live in an age where current trends would entice people to believe they have risen above the simple
message of the cross, that through advanced education and compliance with various philosophies that
they have moved beyond basic Biblical tenets.  Anything goes as long as it’s forward thinking.  The current
doctrines, so they fool themselves into believing, have intellectually surpassed archaic childlike faith,
and in their minds plain and simple faith is as extinct as dinosaurs.

As the elect of God, each of us has been hand selected, predestined and ordained even before we were
conceived.  Our spirits march to a different drum because we are infused with God’s own Spirit.  We have
long been removed and lifted above the pagan thought process.  Our prayers, however flawed by the human
condition, are still able to move the hand of God because Jesus has stepped into the gap dividing us,
and as Mediator has bound us together.  

The propensity to sin will still dwell within us, but there is no measure of power which can compete with the
final and perfect work Christ has performed on our behalf.  In John 19:30 it is quoted that Jesus said
“It is finished.”  And so it is.

It Is Finished
“Who can bring an accusation
against God's elect?  
God Himself is the One Who

(Romans 8:33)