If you've been asking God for something, and there hasn't been an answer, then it's not over. The resolution
is still ahead, and your praying is not done.  God had promised David that one day he would be king.  
But David went through years of running in fear for his life, and not seeing anything develop that would
anywhere near indicate that he would be king.  But, it happened.  In God's timing.  
And, he became a truly great king.

Abraham and Sarah were promised a child, even though they were both well advanced in age.  I'm sure they
both had moments of discouragement, wondering when their miracle would come about.  But, they never
stopped believing, even though it took 25 years for the promise to materialize.  How many of us have been
willing to wait 25 years for an answer?

"It ain't over 'til it's over."  If your prayer hasn't yet been answered, then it's not over, plain and simple.  God
is rarely early in responding, but always comes through, even when it seems to be at the last minute.  Keep
praying, but more importantly, keep believing.  If it matters to you, it matters to God.